Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Waiting....

This cycle we planned to start IUIs to TTC #2. AF arrived last week, I called the RE's office, and they called-in prescriptions for Clomid and Ovidrel, and they set up a CD14 u/s.

And then I had a meeting with my allergist. He told me that I could move on to the final bottle of allergy serum. The goal is to get to an allergy shot dose of 0.50 ml, and then I will be at the maintenance dose. Once I get to the maintenance dose, I will continue to get weekly shots for a few months, and then I can start going every other week. Eventually, I will only have to go once a month. To get to the maintenance dose, I have to get a shot once a week starting at 0.05 ml, and then increase the dose by 0.05 ml each week. However, if I get pregnant, I can't increase the dose. I have to hold the entire nine months of pregnancy, continuing to go every week, and then I can start increasing once I deliver. So, basically, if I get pregnant now, I will extend the weekly shots by nine months and will have to go once a week while taking care of a newborn.

So, Greg and I decided the no-brainer answer was to wait to get PG. I just have to get to the maintenance dose before I get a BFP. And I can actually get a shot every five days, which will knock a few week off the schedule. So, this means waiting one more month. Sigh, I'm bummed, but I know it's the smart decision, and it's only one month.

In CF-related news, my allergist wants to do more to address my nighttime wheezing. His goal is for me to no longer need my inhaler at night. So he put me on a stronger steroid inhaler. He also switched me from Symbicort to Flovent + Serevent because the latter has better data regarding safety during pregnancy. I was very happy about that, because I'd also like to get rid of the night time wheezing!
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