Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lillian is Four Months Old

I think I need to accept that I am going to suck a blogging as frequently as I would like. Life has been so busy lately!

Because it's been a while, I figured I'd write my thoughts and comments in a list, so here it is:

-I love Lillian more and more every day, and I can't believe it. She makes me so, so happy.

-Yesterday was her 4 month pediatrician appointment. She cried for about 20 minutes after receiving her vaccines :( She's in the 25 percentile for height and the 45 percentile for weight. She weighs 13 pounds.

-She's already getting close to outgrowing a lot of her 3-6 month clothes! I think she must have gotten my long torso.

-Lillian's fussiness has significantly subsided. I don't know if it's because she's reached the age where colic typically ends, or if it's the new reflux medication, or if it's the probiotic, but, whatever it is, we'll take it!

-Lillian and I went to visit my family in Maine for two weeks. It was so awesome to get away from the Texas heat and see my family and friends. She did great on the planes - people commented on what a good baby she was. She mostly nursed and slept. There was only one episode of screaming that was due to her wanting to nurse and me wanting to wait for take-off so her ears would pop (I could see the hair raising on the backs of peoples necks when that was going on!). The hardest part about traveling was dealing with all the stuff we had, but people were extremely helpful. I think the pilot helped us deboard three of the four legs.

-We are still having sleep problems. Lillian wakes up WAY too early (sometimes before 5:00 AM) and sometimes she wants to nurse every 2-3 hours all night long. She wants to go to bed at 6:30, and keeping her up later has not helped her sleep-in, so I've stopped fighting it. And she's only been napping 30-50 minutes at a time. There was a period there that I was so exhausted by the end of the day that my throat hurt and my whole body ached. She has also seriously been fighting naps. We have to use the swing and blast a blowdryer (for the sound) in order to get her to sleep, and she still fusses for like 10 minutes. Thankfully, the past few days have been much, much better :::knock on wood::: I am amazed that I haven't gotten sick from all of this exhaustion!

-Lillian is super smiley these days! It is so awesome.

-She goes through days of making a favorite new noise. The past two days it has been serious grunting. The other day it was a whispery "key, key, key." Before that it was "Ha Huh Ha Huh." Last week she was moving her tongue all over the place yelling and making "L" sounds. And before that it was a lot of gargling.

-She just starting liking books this week. She now looks at the pages while I read to her.

-She really enjoys picking things up and putting them in her mouth. Her new favorite activity is sitting in her high chair with some ring-type toys on the tray so she can grab them. She also tried to grab my menu at a restaurant the other day - Time to watch out for my glass of wine!

-She just put her foot in her mouth for the first time (before it she could only do it if there was a sock to hold onto).

-She's much better at tummy time and can lift up her head and pick up a toy...but she still only likes it for about two minutes :/

-After trying a Moby wrap, pouch sling, and ring sling, we finally found a carrier Lillian really loves - the Baby Bjorn, facing out. I got one for $20 and she looooves it and kicks her legs like crazy. It is so freaking nice because I can finally wear her around the house for a bit. And it was great for traveling.

-She is so close to rolling over! She gets all the way onto her side and will roll, roll, roll around in a circle, but hasn't made it over yet. Of course, the past few days her interest in rolling has subsided.

-She can now scoot around on her back, which means I had to move the play gym away from the fireplace hearth!

-She loves going out in public and looking around. She was soooo excited to be facing out in the Bjorn at the Atlanta airport! (So many people to watch!)

-She has become a distracted nurser - she is constantly pulling off and looking up at me...which is too cute to be very annoyed about ;)

-I have started the process of getting her out of the swing. The pediatrician said we really need to do it now, and I agree. I spent the last week turning off the swing once she was asleep, and that worked great. Starting today, I am going to start trying to get her to fall asleep in the swing without it moving. :::fingers crossed:::

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sooooo Tired!

Ugh, this is worse than when Lillian was first born because I have no help! The last week or so she has decided to nurse every 2-3 hours all night long, so I have become more and more exhuasted. And yesterday she wouldn't nap and was fussy all day. I was so tired my eyes were burning and I thought I was going to lose my mind. So, last night I decided to go to bed with her at 8:30...but then she wanted to nurse every hour until 11. And then my post nasal drip kicked in until midnight. And then she was up for the day at 3:00. So I got three hours of sleep. How am I supposed to function like this? I want to cry from exhaustion.
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