Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awesome Gift!

Check out this onesie that I received from a fellow mom with CF. Her child wore it and she passed it on to me. (I'm not sure if she wants me to call her out on here). It made me all teary-eyed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Sickies

Yesterday Lily and I both went to the doctor. I was freaking out because Lily looked like she was having trouble breathing, and I knew I was having trouble breathing. I gave Lily her first Xopenex treatment, and she responded really well to it (which is great, but it also makes me nervous that she may have asthma). However, I still wanted to get her checked by the doctor, considering her lungs had been rattly for a week. And I needed to get checked myself because I had a ton of junk in my lungs and was feeling short of breath. I was also still running a fever.

So, I went to the CF doctor and Greg took Lily to the pediatrician. My O2 sats were fine (99%) and my PFTs looked normal, so my doctor said it looks like I just have a really bad cold (he did say that he could hear stuff in my lungs). He told me to keep taking albuterol and vesting every four hours and he said I could try some Muxinex and Afrin. He also wrote me a prescription for Prednisone that I could fill "if I felt I needed it." He said I should call him back if I don't get better in a week, or if my sputum production (there's some gross CF-lingo for you) changes.

Lily's pediatrician said that her breathing still sounded gunky but she was not in distress. She wrote Lily a prescription for Pulmicort and told Greg to call back in two days. She said that Lily might have to take an antibiotic or oral steroid if she's still gunky.

Luckily we both seem to be feeling a little better today - we both are still have gunky coughs, but I no longer feel feverish and Lily is in a better mood. Fingers crossed this goes away soon because we are both so ready to get back to our routine!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

And....Now I'm Really Sick

Ugh. My lungs are all rattly, I was up half the night coughing, my head is completely blocked up, my throat hurts, and I feel feverish, dizzy, and weak. I haven't been this sick in a long, long time (It's probably been 10 years). My CF doctor called in an antibiotic (Augmentin) yesterday, so hopefully it will kick-in soon. But, right now I am in no shape to take care of my little peanut and I don't have a crystal ball to tell me when I will be feeling better. So, we are flying my mother-in-law in to help out this week. It sucks that we have to spend the $$$ on a last minute flight, but I knew this was eventually going to happen. I am just so grateful to have an awesome, retired mother-in-law!

Lillian is still sick too. Her lungs still sounds a little rattly and she cut another bottom tooth - so the poor babe has been teething AND sick. So, it's all-around fun times in our household right now :P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lillian Has Bronchiolitis :(

My poor peanut! She developed a runny nose on Friday, spiked a fever on Saturday, and started coughing on Monday. The cough had not gotten better, her breathing sounded a bit rattly, and she was super fussy today, (she would scream unless I held her and walked around in circles), so I took her to the doctor. He diagnosed her with mild bronchiolitis.

He said to give her Tylenol or Motrin if she seemed to be in pain, push the fluids, use a cool-mist humidifier, and elevate the head of her bed, all of which are things we've already been doing. He also said we could take her into the shower with us and give her some mucinex. And he sent her home with...albuterol and hypertonic saline! The exact same two drugs I take everyday. So, not only are we both on Zegerid, now we might both be on the same breathing treatments :P The doctor said she only needed them if she was having trouble sleeping.

I feel sick too, so this sucks all around! I started coughing up junk yesterday and am really tired and achy today, so we may be hiring a mother's helper for the next two days. I called my CF doctor and he said to wait until Friday, and, if I'm not feeling better by then, he wants to call in an antibiotic.

Here's to hoping for a healthy household soon!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

8 Months and Clinic Visit

Lillian turned 8 months old on Sunday! That seems so old to me. Here's a bit about what she is doing at 8 months:

-She's pushing herself up on her belly and scooting backwards and around in a circle. I'm not sure if she is going to crawl or just go straight to cruising. I try to give her at least 20 minutes of tummy time every day.

-She stands holding onto something and I can tell she is dying to move, but she doesn't yet get the concept of picking up her feet.

-She sits really well and loves to sit and play with her toys.

-She also loves the excersaucer, jumperoo, and activity table.

-She has advanced fine motor skills and can pick up a small object with the tips of her thumb and forefinger. She's been banging objects together for over a month, and she recently started throwing things, (not just dropping, but actually raising them and chucking them onto the sofa/bed), picking them up, throwing them back down, picking them up, and repeat. She actually started using the touchscreen on our ipod touch today and Greg and I were in shock.

-She loves to babble and can say "mamama," "dadada," "lalala," and "bababa." Right now she is obsessed with "dadada." Sometimes she jumbles it all together and it sounds like she is "talking." It is soooo cute. I freaking LOVE babbling!

-She is not a big eater. We introduced solids at 5-1/2 months and it took about a month before she would eat more than a teaspoon of anything. I've been cycling through all of the fruits, veggies, and cereals, and so far she only really eats Happy Bellies rice cereal, bananas, Mum Mums, and Gerber Puffs. I've tried things pureed and finger-food style. She'll take a few bites and then be done with it.

-She is sooo smiley and social. I love how easy it is to make her smile. And she loves other people. When we go out in public, I put her in a carrier facing-outward and she just kicks like crazy. Everyone tells me how cute she is ;) It's so fun. We also started Gymboree and she loves it. She slaps the floor and yells "ahhhhhh!" at the other babies :) (She always slaps things when she is happy - Greg and I call it "slappa slappa.")

-She usually sleeps 8:00-6:00ish and takes 1 to 1-1/2 hour naps at 9:30 and 2:00ish.

-She has one bottom tooth.

There's the run-down on Lillian. Here's a quick synopsis of my clinic visit:

-My FEV1 is holding steady at 112%

-My culture showed Staph at the last clinic visit (in November). This is a change from previous visits - I hadn't cultured anything in years.

-My doctor wanted to try Symbicort to see if it helps with the nighttime wheezing I've experienced. (I'm also supposed to get a endoscopy of my upper GI tract to see if reflux may be causing the wheezing, I just need to schedule it with my gastro).

-He was a little annoyed that I had lost weight, but I'm exactly where I was pre-baby (which means I still haven't lost the IF weight). I did try to lose enough weight to fit into my clothes, but I also lost a little more just because Lillian isn't eating much solid food and nurses all the time. I am always starving and eating like a freaking pig.

That's about it for now! I'm just excited I blogged twice in one week!
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