Tuesday, July 24, 2012

12 Week NT Scan

Today I am 12 weeks and I had the NT scan. Everything looked good! The baby was very chill - just laying on its side, not wanting to be bothered. I still can't believe everything is going well!

One thing I forgot to mention about the second time around is how I am so distracted by Lily that I almost forget that I have a baby in my belly :)

I'm still very tired and feeling nauseous, but I'm hoping it will get better soon. My hips started aching last week, so I decided to visit a chiropractor. I had my first visit on Monday and I really liked the chiro.  I can't say yet if it helped (my hips felt better when I left, but they ached last night). I'm going to see her again tomorrow so we can talk about my treatment plan.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Second Time Around

So, can I just say that the second time around has been hard? The first trimester exhaustion has been kicking my butt! I'm not sure if it's actually worse, or if it just feels that way because I have am now a SAHM to a toddler, which means I can't sleep in, sit at a desk all day, or leave work to rest. Lily doesn't go to bed until 9:00, so I rarely get to bed before 10:00. And then I've had insomnia, and I keep waking up to pee. And the sun usually wakes me up at 6:30. On the plus side, I do get to take a nap while Lily does every afternoon, so I'm usually EXHAUSTED until 2:00, but then I feel better until I go to bed (although I still feel very lazy).

I also can't work out like I want to. It's too hot to go for a run (bad for the baby), and I'm too tired to workout while Lily is napping. So we make it to they gym about two days a week. The other days we either have errands or doctor appointments. And, once in a while, I like to do something fun with Lily. I'm also feeling guilty about not being able to do as many fun activities as we usually do.

To top things off, Greg has been traveling for work like crazy.  That just sucks and I hope it gets better by the time the baby gets here.

I've been counting down the weeks until my energy may come back! I'm hoping I'll be feeling better by 14 weeks (although my fingers are crossed for 12 weeks). I'm 11 weeks today, so hopefully there are only three more weeks to go!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First OB Appointment

Today was my first OB appointment. It was also my first appointment with this OB because my previous one moved. This OB was a sweetheart and I'm glad I picked him.  I am going to get a lot of ultrasounds, which is nice! I even got one today, and the baby was measuring 9w0d, which is only one day off based on ovulation and exactly right based on my last u/s. The baby's heartbeat was 174 bpm and everything looked good! He said the risk of miscarriage low enough (5%) that we could start sharing the news, but I am still nervous and will probably wait until after my 12 week appointment.

I am still in awe that the baby is doing well - I just can't get over how easy it was this time around. :::fingers crossed it continues to go this way:::
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