Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beta #2

175! I am loving these good, strong numbers. Before I was always a bit below average, and now I'm a bit above average, which would make sense with my early BFP.

I'm already having some pregnancy symptoms, which is reassuring - mostly a raging appetite, cramping, and a little nausea.

My RE's office also checked my TSH and upped my Synthroid dose. My TSH was 3.3 before the dosage increase.

In other fun news, Lily turned two yesterday! It all does go by so fast.

In CF news, clinic called yesterday because I cultured "a little bit of pseudomonas." Which means that, if I get sick while PG, I will have to go on IVs because there are no oral antibiotics I can take that are safe for pregnancy. So that sucks. Hopefully Cayston will keep the pseudomonas at bay. I'm also thinking I am going to stay on Azithromycin...originally I planned to go off it because I didn't really notice it helped me, but it's only a pregnancy category B, and I think it would be good to include anything I can that might help to fight the pseudomonas.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beta #1

70 at 13 dpo! (Average is 63). I've been very nervous because my symptoms aren't as prominent as they were with Lily, so that made me feel a lot better.

I had my beta drawn yesterday at 12:30, and the lab said the results wouldn't be in until 4:30, so I assumed I wouldn't find out until this morning. Instead, my RE called me himself at 9:00 last night because he "didn't want me waiting on pins and needles any longer." How awesome is that?

He told me to call this morning to schedule another beta for tomorrow and an u/s for two weeks from now.

I am still in disbelief and am taking this one step at a time, but I feel more relaxed now!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

It Got Darker!!!

Here is a photo to compare today's test to yesterday's. I don't think the camera picked up the faint line from yesterday, but you can definitely see it on today's test (which is on top).

Soooooo....I think I am pregnant! I am giddy with excitement. The timing would be perfect - our kids would be just under three years apart, so Lily will be more independent, (and hopefully potty trained), but they'd be close enough in age to play together. And I'd be due in the winter (February), when my mom wouldn't be working.

I can't bring myself to talk like it is truly real yet. I just can't believe the IUIs worked that fast! I was sure I was going to have to get back to that depressed "will I ever get pregnant?" state that I was in when we were TTC#1. So, I'm probably going to be very nervous for a while. Right now, I'm almost expecting this is going to be a chemical pregnancy or something. It amazes me that Greg and I can have sex on our own 10,000 times (actually, it's more like 20-25 times) and never get pregnant, and then, every single time we've done a clomid IUI - BAM! Pregnant!

BUUUT, I'm still very excited and happy!

Friday, May 25, 2012


So, I have been testing out the trigger, and yesterday I got my first BFN. Then, this morning, I decided to test again just for additional piece of mind that the trigger is gone, and I got a very, very faint second line. Now I am going crazy wondering if it's the trigger or the beginning of a BFP. I was wondering if maybe my urine was more concentrated this morning, so I took another test after lunch, and the line is still there.

The last time we did IUIs, it took, at most, 9.5 days for the trigger to get out of my system. Now I am  9dpiui and 10.5 days past trigger, so it could go either way. :::trying not to get my hopes up:::

In other news, I recovered from my illness without antibiotics! Whoohoo! I bought a home PFT monitor, and I absolutely love having it because it provided me with assurance that I didn't need to call my doctor.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

IUI #5 Complete

It was a piece of cake! I was nervous it would hurt (because it did last time), but I didn't feel a thing. And Greg's numbers were fabulous - his postwash count was 112 million :O and 98% motility.

Now I just need to kick this illness. So far, I don't seem to be getting any worse, which is good, but I'm also not really feeling any better. I don't feel too bad, but I have a junky cough, some lung pain, and my voice is SO hoarse. I keep waiting for CF clinic to call with news about my x-ray or culture (although I know the culture results take a few days). I am counting down the days until I start Cayston next Friday.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


That was my FEV1 today. It hasn't been that high in almost 10 years! Between adding pulmozyme, NAC, fish oil, and allergy shots, something is definitely helping. My doctor said I made his day.

It's funny because I didn't even know I had CF clinic today until I got the appointment reminder yesterday afternoon. Perfect timing considering I am sick. My doctor thinks it's just a virus, but he may put me on something if my sputum culture comes back showing psuedomonas (I did not culture it at my last appointment three months ago).

(And to the commenter who asked if I've tried hypertonic saline - I do take that twice a day and have been for years. I love it and think it's had a big impact on my health.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

CD13 u/s and CF stuff

This morning's ultrasound showed that my 12mm follie is catching up - now I have 16.5 and 18mm follies - two! The plan is to trigger tonight and do the IUI Wednesday morning. I'm scared about having two, but my RE said the risk of twins is only 10%. And this is very similar to the cycle I got PG with Lily - I had 16 and 20mm follies when we triggered that cycle.

And, unfortunately I have to give an update in CF-land. I have bronchitis, blech. Last week I caught a cold from Lily, and now I've lost most of my voice and have a junky cough and lots of nasal congestion. I've heard this is going around right now, so I'm guessing it's viral and hoping to stay off antibiotics. So far I don't feel too bad, just tired and a little junky. This is the first time I've been sick since I've started pulmozyme, so I'm hoping that will be a big help.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

CD12 Ultrasound

One 16.4mm follie on my left side. The RE wants me to come back tomorrow for another u/s - he thinks I will be ready to trigger, and then we will do the IUI on Tuesday (CD14). I'm so glad I pushed for an earlier u/s!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bring on IUI #1 (Part 2)

I don't know what you call it when it's your fifth IUI, but your first IUI TTC #2, LOL. Anyway, I am very excited to begin this process! I was so nervous for so long, but now everything feels right.

I got AF on Wednesday, so my RE called in Clomid and Ovidrel. This time around, I have insurance coverage, which means a little more work because my insurance has its own requirements. Like CD 3 blood work every six months. I had that done this morning, and I got a call this afternoon that the insurance has authorized this IUI.

The plan is for me to take 50mg Clomid CD5-9 and do an u/s on CD12. It's a little different than what we did when I got PG with Lily. With Lily I took Clomid CDs 3-7 and did an u/s on CD9, but that was because I had ovulated very early the previous two cycles. My RE wants to start off being a little more conservative with the Clomid (CDs 5-9 has a lower risk of multiples). And he wants to try to minimize ultrasounds. He originally wanted to do an u/s on CD14, but I begged for a CD12 u/s, because last month I O'd on CD14.

I am in such a different place right now than I was last time we went into IUIs. I have Lily, so I'm not worrying about whether or not I am going to be a mother. I haven't obsessing about TTC with OPKs and temps. And I have a history of success with IUIs, so at this point, I feel confident. I also know it may take a few tries, so I'm not planning on the first one working. I feel like this one is just a warm-up. Of course, if it did work, that would be awesome. So, my fingers are crossed!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lily Weaned

On Thursday, Lily nursed for the last time. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, when I asked her if she wanted to nurse, she said, "Shake!" (which is a yogurt smoothie). So I considered her weaned. We made it 22 months, 26 days. I am so happy it ended on her terms. I was dreading having to stop so I could take clomid. I thought there would be a lot of crying, and it would break my heart. Instead, I reached the fabulous milestone of nursing her until she was done!

And, I have to say that nursing Lily is one of my proudest achievements. The beginning was so hard, and then I almost had to wean at 10 months. And then there was the cutting out dairy, her not taking a bottle, the sleepless nights, etc. She nursed every 2-3 hours during the day until she was 11 months old. It was hard! But also so sweet and rewarding.

I am feeling a little sad about it - I don't get many snuggles now. But I am enjoying the extra time in the mornings - we can get out the door so much faster. Also, surprisingly, she no longer wakes up crying all.the.time. And I'm looking forward to TTC #2!
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