Saturday, January 21, 2012


Good news! My prolactin levels are normal, so I don't have to worry about weaning DD! My TSH was 5.1, which my RE described as "borderline." He called in a prescription for Synthroid and wants me re-checked in three weeks. If my thyroid levels are normal, I think we will be back on the TTC train, although we decided to try on our own until after Lily's birthday.

My glucose tolerance test and vitamin levels were all normal as well.

Now if I could just shake this general "crappiness" that I have been feeling lately. I can't really pinpoint what it is, but I go through these phases where I get night sweats, wake up wheezing, cough up more junk, and just feel a bit crappy. I don't know if it's a sinus infection, reflux, or a lung issue. I thought maybe it was triggered by allergies because it seems to happen when the weather changes (especially when it gets humid), which is why I am getting the shots. It's too soon for the shots to be working, though. I am counting down the weeks until I reach the 3-6 month period where I might start to notice that the shots are working!

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