Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thyroid Levels are Good!

Eeek! We are now officially allowed to TTC. My RE's office called yesterday and said that my TSH was 2.5, which is good. And now they just want me to call on CD1 so we can start IUIs again. I'm currently on CD8, so I may be starting an IUI cycle in less than a month! I am a bundle of nerves right now - for a while there, I was terrified about the idea of another baby because the first year was so hard. But know we know this is what we want, and we know that the super hard baby phase ends. I'm just scared to go back to it again! But now is a good time to do it, considering Lily is almost two, I am 35, and it may take a while to get pregnant.

The only thing that might hold us back is my sinusitis. Today I visited the ENT just to make sure my sinuses look okay (I have a hard time telling if I have an infection because I'm always stuffed-up and having sinus headaches). He said I looked good, but he took a culture just to make sure I don't have a staph infection. I should know by Monday. But he said he does not want to do another surgery, and there is probably a medication he can prescribe that is safe for TTC, so this most likely won't impact anything.

I dusted off my basal body thermometer and ordered some OPKs so we can try on our own this cycle. I would LOVE to be able to get PG on our own (but I'm not holding my breath) - especially because I am going to have to wean Lily by CD3 of my next cycle so that I can take Clomid. She is still nursing twice a day and I have a giant knot in my stomach about the thought of taking that away from her - but we are only a few months away from my goal of two years, so I know it's not a huge deal. It's just going to be so bittersweet.

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Lindsay said...

Very excited for you!

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