Friday, June 15, 2012

6w2d Ultrasound

We saw a heartbeat! The ultrasound went great. The little bean was measuring 6w3d and had a heart rate of 124 bpm. I'm finally starting to relax a little and actually believe we might be taking home a new baby in February :)

The coolest part of the ultrasound was when the tech said to Lily, "You're gonna be big sister." And Lily looked a bit confused and said, "Big Sister...."

The RE gave each of us a hug and said we were ready to move on to the OB, but we could have another u/s in a few weeks if we wanted one. I am on the fence about that, mostly because I already have enough doctor appointments. But, I may schedule it just for the peace of mind.

I can't believe I may never see my RE again. That seems just crazy (and a little sad).
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