Monday, February 2, 2015

Kalydeco Days 8 & 9

Warning! Talk of mucus ahead.

I'm sick! Everyone in the house has some sort-of coughing virus. No other symptoms, just a cough. But, I am the only one with a productive cough...I was hoping Kalydeco would prevent that, but maybe it's too early, or maybe it's because I have some mild bronchiectasis. My mucus does, without a doubt, seem thinner when I cough it up - it feels just like saliva, instead of a blob. So that is exciting.

If it weren't for my husband having a cough too, I would have chalked this up to part of the "clearing out" stage. Last night I was coughing so much I was gagging and I couldn't sleep, so I ended up taking cough syrup, something I never do. Wow, that stuff worked instantly!

My sinuses continue to feel awesome. Hopefully my lungs will too once this cough goes away.

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