Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why I "Quit" Blogging

I started this blog because I couldn't find information about pregnancy in women with CF. Since that time, so many of us have gotten pregnant, and there is so much information out there!

But that is not why I quit. I quit, because, frankly, having two kids is A LOT of work! I am so very thankful that my health has been stable, because, otherwise, I don't know how I would have kept up with it all. Lily is almost SIX - (how did that happen?) - and Grace just turned three. I have been busy, busy, busy.

I have also been TIRED. This past year has been a health journey for me, but not one that I expected. I didn't understand why I have been so tired, and now I realize that it is partially because I am entering new "uncharted" territory of the CF world. I am in my late 30s, in a body that has been dealing with a chronic illness and harsh medications, and having two kids took a lot out of me. I wasn't expecting that.

And now I want to share the information I have learned along this journey in case it may help others. Stay tuned, I really want to get back into this blogging thing :)


Dana Curry said...

Yay!! Welcome back!!

Ericka said...

Welcome back! I follow your blog because my best friend has CF (about your age) and I'm a mom of two so I'm interested interested in both the CF stuff and the mom stuff.

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