Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Post!

I can't believe I am doing a blog. It's not something I ever thought I would do. However, when my husband and I decided that we would start trying to get pregnant soon, I could not find much information on the internet about real women with CF having babies, and I thought sharing our journey could be helpful to other women with CF who are thinking of having children. I don’t know how good of a blogger I will be – I may not update this multiple times a week. But I will try to share any useful information as I learn along the way.

I think the best way to start is to share some information about myself, so here it is. I am 31, and I’ve known I have CF since I was a baby. My parents had me tested for CF because I “tasted salty” and, much to the doctors’ surprise, I tested positive. I have been blessed with great health for most of my life. I have only been hospitalized twice, and my PFTs are still over 100%. I am also pancreatic sufficient. I do suffer from bronchitis and pneumonia several times a year, and I’ve had my share of sinus problems, but, overall, I am so lucky. In case you are wondering, my genotype is R117H/DF508.

My husband, Greg, and I were married last summer and are very excited to start a family. However, we are not trying just yet. We would like me to be a Stay at Home Mom, so we are waiting until we have our financial ducks-in-a-row. We plan to start in just over two months. In the meantime, I am doing everything I can to get myself as healthy as possible.

That’s it for the first post! I will continue to share more about myself in the next few posts!

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