Friday, January 2, 2009

Consult on Thursday

We had a great Christmas vacation visiting my family in Maine! We ate lots of seafood, drank yummy microbrews, and even got to go skiing (one of my favorite things in the world!). Unfortunately, AF showed her ugly face on Christmas Eve. So we are on Cycle #7.

A few months ago, I felt that six cycles TTC on our own was not enough to give us a fair shake. Now I am glad my doctor wants to see me so soon. I’ve pretty much accepted that we don’t have a good chance of conceiving by ourselves, so I feel like we will really be trying soon.

We are going to the OB/GYN on Thursday for a fertility consultation, and must admit I know almost nothing about fertility testing and treatments. My head is swimming with questions:

  • What tests will they perform?
  • What will the results mean?
  • Is IUI our next step?
  • If so, will we do medicated or unmedicated IUI?
  • If it's the latter, what meds will I take?
  • What are the odds of getting PG with unmedicated versus medicated IUI?
  • What is risk of multiples?
  • How many IUI cycles will we do?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will my insurance cover anything?
  • Should I see an RE right away?
  • Will I have to cut back on caffeine, alcohol, and/or exercise?
  • Will Greg?
  • How much of my time is this all going to take?
  • What the heck are follicles?
Hmmm...I should print out my blog so I remember to ask all of these ;)

I will definitely be updating my blog after our appointment! I am excited!


Rebecca said...

Since I have been there and done that, I can help with some of your questions. If you are ovulating, which is where the follicles come in, each follicle is the little fluid filled cavity in your ovary that contains an egg, if you are ovulating then you will have one nice follicle each cycle. Clomid is usually the first line drug and it will increase your chances of having multiples. If you are doing fine in the ovulation department which they will find out with blood tests and ultrasound, then I would do a few cycles unmedicated, IUI. If two don't work I would push for medicated. I started when I was your age and I still am not pregnant. Regretting I wasn't more aggressive now. I wish you all the best. My RE says the only thing that should be preventing me from pregnancy is the thick cervical mucus that almost all women with cf have, except that I haven't gotten pregnant. I've always had unprotected sex, with my husband of course...and only gotten pregnant twice. One I made it to 5 months pregnant, didn't know I had cf then, that was when I was a teenager, and one chemical pregnancy with my current husband, miscarried at about 6 weeks. They will probably check your tubes, but I would insist on IUI's immediately. It isn't that expensive and the fact is, our cervical mucus is like a diaphram, the sperm cannot get thru it. Hope that helps. How is your lung function if I may ask, I am kinda scared about getting pregnant, but I want a baby so bad. Good luck and baby dust.

Amy said...

Good luck at your appt! I hope everything goes well for you. I will be thinking about you!

Jess said...

Good luck with your appointment. Looking forward to seeing what they say. We just made one too, for CF preconception counseling etc. Best wishes! :)

Lindsay said...

YAY for having an appt. Is DH coming with you?? GL, and fill us in when you get back!

Erin said...

Good luck!!!

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