Friday, January 30, 2009

SA Results (Well, Sort-of)

Greg did his semen analysis on Thursday. I got a call that afternoon from a lady at the RE's office. She said, "The doctor says Greg is in the range that will work for IUI." I asked her, "What does that mean? Is he 'in the range' that will work for trying on our own as well?" She responded, "I don't know. It just says he is in the range for IUI."

Sooooo, the good news is we can go ahead with the IUI! However, I don't know if this means he has some sperm issues. I am a little frustrated with the vaugeness of the doctor's report, and I am going to ask for a copy of the results.

No word on the results of my bloodwork yet. I don't know how long those results take to come back. But I'm assuming no news is good news.


Lindsay said...

That's great!

Maeghan said...

It probably only tested for IUI range and whomever called you can only read it back to you verbatum. Ask the Dr next time you talk with him. He'll be able to give you more info. The lab results may not have it written black and white. (Plus when reading back lab reports no one but the Dr or lab tech can "infer" they must read it back verbatum. HTH! Either way , great news that you're on your way!

Casey said...

I had a very similar experience getting results from a SA from the fertility clinic, except they left a message on our machine saying there was slight "male factor infertility." (?!?!) After that we had to know the actual numbers, so I called them until I convinced the nurse to give me the actual numbers over the phone. We did not want to make an expensive appointment just for those results, as our next appointment was not for several more months. So, anytime they run a SA they will indeed get actual numbers. Also, we get complete SA numbers each time we do an IUI. (By the way, more than one SA could be useful, as that first one was an outlier in our situation.)

chhunt said...

Hi! My name is Colleen. I am 31 and also have a mild form of CF. Looking through your blog, I cannot believe how much we have in commen. Thanks for posting such good information. It really helps me better understand this disease, but it also helps me know that I am not alone with the issues you are experiencing. Also, I have been very private with my disease. Seeing someone like your self being so open on a public forum is both brave and encouraging. Thanks for posting. Hope its ok if I follow your story.

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