Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bodily Functions

  • I just threw up in my mouth. I thought it was a burp, until the contents of my stomach came into the back of my mouth. I freaked out and swallowed. Yummy. So, it looks like I might be going back on my proton pump inhibitor soon.
  • That liquidy discharge I have been experiencing? Yeah…I’m not so sure it’s just discharge. I noticed the other day that my undies smelled like I’d been hiking all day and had to pop a squat (to pee) and didn’t use toilet paper. So, apparently my CF cough has already caused me be to become a member of the pee pants party.
  • Pooping has become an Olympic event: rare and very difficult when it does occur. I never understood why people spent so much time in the bathroom. I mean, just get in there, go, and get out. Why spend 15 minutes with a turd under your butt while you read a magazine? Go curl up on the couch and read. Now I get it. It is frustrating! Now, bathroom time is when I read my pregnancy books. And, let me just say, when I actually do have to poop, it is exciting and I must take advantage of the opportunity right away, even if it means I am on hold with the doctor's office. And, pooping in public is not quite as embarrassing as it used to be, because I'm so happy it's actually happening. Although, the other day I was a bit annoyed because I had to go at the airport, I was the only one in the bathroom, and the bathroom attendant decided to sit outside my stall the entire time I was in there. Seriously? A little privacy, please?


kim said...

Pee Pants Club! WOO HOO! Proud member!

I was with you on not understanding what took people so long to poop. Now I get it. I hope I can return to the Under-1-Minute-Club after the shorties pop out.

Maeghan said...

Oh I totally forgot about your coughing when I was whining about mine! Yeah, be careful on the can though, it's not too early for hemroids :( 7 hrs down to NY and I got inducted into that club :( I'm also realizing a tiny part of your world since I've been sick for so long, between all the mucus from that and the extra mucus my Dr said you get when you're pregnant I feel like I'm choking on it all the time.
Hang in there, we're just getting to the fun parts :)

Nikki1007 said...

I too am a member of the pee pants club. Its great huh? And i am with you on the pooping. I used to laugh at DH for taking so long in there. Oh the glamorous life!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

If you think pooping's hard now, wait until after the babies are born. Ouch. ;)

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