Thursday, May 20, 2010

40 Weeks & Yesterday's Misadventure

Wow, the date we've had circled on the calendar for nine months is here! I really can't believe it.

I am feeling better since I posted yesterday - I've basically put myself in the mindset that she isn't coming until next weekend so I won't keep waking up everyday wondering "Is today the day??" and then being disappointed. (But I will still be trying some of those OWTs!).

I did have a bit of a misadventure yesterday afternoon. After my appointment, I went into work and everyone was coming up to me and commenting, "You are still pregnant??" "Still here, huh?" "When are you gonna have that baby?" Considering I was already upset from my appointment, I pretty much lost it and started biting people's head's off. I was one step away from screaming, "Thanks Captain Obvious! I hadn't noticed I was still pregnant!"

Anywho, after I managed to calm down a bit, WAHM! I got hit with migraine. It literally came out of nowhere. And I get aura with migraines, so they really suck. One second I was eating yogurt and working, and the next second I couldn't see my monitor because there was a blank spot in my vision. So, I had to call Greg to have him come pick me up.

While I was waiting for him, I called my OB's office to find out what medicine I could take, (and I had to ask my coworker to tell me their # because I couldn't read my cell phone!), and they told me to go to Walgreens and have my blood pressure checked because visual disturbances could mean pre-eclampsia. Then my coworker had to walk me to my car to wait for Greg.

While we were on the way to Walgreens, the next phased kicked in and I started feeling sick and my hand and face went numb. And, as I mentioned on here before, I am TERRIFIED of throwing up. I took two Zofran, and it was still all I could do to not throw up - the car ride was killing me. By the time we got to Walgreens, the confusion part of the aura had set in and I couldn't remember why we were there and Greg had to talk for me. And, they didn't have a blood pressure monitor. So, instead of going home, we had to go to the doctor and I wanted to cry because I felt so sick and was about to completely freak out. I managed to get through it by reminding myself that I would rather throw up than have something bad happen to the baby.

Everyone at the doctor's office was like "WHOA" when I walked in because I had just been there four hours earlier and was fine, and suddenly I looked like crap. They were even like, "Are you going to throw up???" and then led me to an exam room and had me lay down w/ the lights off while they took my blood pressure. My blood pressure was fine, thankfully, and the baby was kicking a ton, so she was okay, and I finally got to go home and lie down!

Lying down made me feel so much better and the aura wore off after another hour, and then the headache kicked it. Luckily, it was an extremely minor headache and I managed to power through it without taking any medication. And now I am feeling much better!

Fun times!

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Jenny Livingston said...

I have a close friend who ALWAYS get a migraine just a day or two before she goes into labor. She's had 5 kids and it NEVER fails.

Just sayin'...

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