Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 Random Things About Me

Some people on the Nest had the idea for this post, and I like it and am stealing it :) So here are 20 random things about me:

1) I love cats and have two of them

2) I was a field hockey goalie from 8th grade through my senior year in college

3) Blue is my favorite color

4) I am a beauty product junkie and own way too many of them

5) I love cheese

6) I also love wine

7) I can do a cloverleaf with my tongue

8) I am obsessed with having a clean house, but my car is a pigsty

9) I can't stand Hugh Grant movies

10) Sometimes I wish I had become a teacher...and I think I may someday

11) Skiing is my favorite thing to do (and yet I live in Texas!)

12) If I haven't been clothes shopping in a month, it's been a while

13) I wish I still had a Maine accent (alas, I lost it after 10+ years living away from there)

14) I used to be really, really liberal, then I was really, really conservative, now I'm in the middle

15) I've eaten an entire tub of frosting in one sitting

16) I am very opinionated and have a hard time keeping my mouth shut (but I am learning!)

17) I am extremely close to my sister (she's 4 years younger than me)

18) I really want a Yorkshire Terrier (but Greg doesn't)

19) I grew up on a lake, swimming all summer for 18 years, and yet I still can't dive

20) I would rather hike up a mountain than lay on the beach

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