Monday, March 2, 2009

First IUI Completed!

The IUI went very well! Greg's sperm had great numbers - his motility wasn't reduced at all, as it was in the SA. The procedure went well and was fast. It started just like a pap smear, with the speculum and everything, and then he inserted a catheter into my uterus and injected the sperm. I even asked, "You are already done?" when my RE had finished. Afterward, he had me lay on the table for 10 minutes "just to be safe."

The only problem we had was it hurt like A LOT when my RE put the catheter in - so much that I yelled out in pain twice and was squeezing the crap out of Greg's hand. My RE was a little concerned and said it was not normal, but he didn't say anything else, so I'm not worried about it. When we left the clinic, I told Greg, "Thanks for the great sexy times ;)" to which he replied, "That was some rough and painful sexy time!"

The RE did make a comment about my CM. He said, "You have a lot of cervical mucus. This is good because it means your estrogen is rising." I asked him if it looked thick compared to a "normal" woman. He said it looked "a little thicker than normal" but that it was hard to say how much it affects my fertility. I have been taking Mucinex, (maximum strength, 12-hour extended release), this cycle, (but I've been bad and only been taking it once a day instead of twice a day), so that may have made my CM a little thinner than it is naturally.

Now it's on to the 2WW!


Lindsay said...

YAY! Glad everything went well.

Shannon said...

Ahhh! Im glad its all done and that it went good, except when the catheter went in, Ouch!

Now its time to just sit back and wait, good luck!

Shannon said...

I have read your blog before but this is my first time posting on it. I think I came across your blog through Shannon's.
I'm glad everything went well!! Well other than it hurting-:-(. I'm starting my first round of IUI next cycle, so its nice to read about someone else's first time lol.

bbjoys said...

Yay! GL!

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