Sunday, April 5, 2009

IUI #2

IUI #2 was a bit of an adventure. Our RE told us to allow Greg’s "boys" a minimum of two days to build-up, but we shouldn’t go longer than five days. Because of my yeast infection, we couldn't have sex in the days leading up to the IUI, so I reminded Greg he needed to take care of business two days before the IUI.

Well, the night before the IUI, I was feeling elated about my big follie - last cycle I was a little nervous that we triggered too early, (with my follie at 16-17mm), so I was thrilled it was 27mm this time. Then Greg mentioned to me that he "forgot" to do his part! That meant it would be over five days since the last time we had sex, and a bit too long, according to our RE. I was so upset for a moment - I wanted so badly for everything to be perfect. I never thought I would get mad at my husband for not spanking the monkey! After a few minutes I calmed down and reminded myself that we would be just outside of the limits, so, hopefully everything would be fine. And then we had a good laugh.

Fast forward to the next day. As I was sitting on the table, half-naked, at the doctor's office, the RE walked in and said to Greg, "Holy Cow! That was an incredible sperm count! I haven't seen one that high in a long time! You should give yourself a pat on the back!" I'm surprised he didn't give him a high five.

Then, when the RE was performing the IUI, he told me, "Now, this is going to take a little longer than last time because there is so much sperm for me to inject!"

I think Greg's head is at least three times bigger now. He even told his mom!

The rest of the IUI was uneventful. It didn't hurt this time, yippee for that! And now, we wait!


Lindsay said...

LOL!!! hahahahaha, that's hysterical. Glad it went well, my fingers are crossed for you!

bbjoys said...

Yay, good luck this time!

Shannon said...

I am LMAO at the abundance of sperm :)

Good luck hun!

candi said...

Good luck with everything, we will be doing our iui on Thursday. I was trying to follow your blog but couldnt find the follow blog thingy... anyways I am 32 with cf also trying to get pregnant... baby dust to you... take care :)

Something Simple Design said...

Okay, the "he even told his mom" comment just made me LMAO!!! haha.

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