Thursday, April 30, 2009

IUI #3

Holy cow that hurt!! I don't know why, but my RE had a hard time getting the catheter into my cervix. He kept readjusting the speculum, and he used some other instrument that caused major cramping. Then, when he put the catheter in - YEEOW!!! It felt like he had put a knife into my uterus. It seemed like it took 10,000 years to perform the IUI, but it was probably only five minutes. However, it hurt so badly that I felt like my head was going to explode from concentrating on the words "suck it up." It's now nine hours later and I am still feeling sore.

Hopefully the pain will have a big payoff! My RE said he got the catheter in there "really good" this time, we had good looking sperm, and I think we had perfect timing.

So, onto the 2WW. I am considering ditching the BBT in attempt to make it a little less torturous. I always spend way too much energy analyzing my chart in the 2WW.

If we have do another IUI, I am definitely Tylenol beforehand! Apparently, while IUIs don't usually hurt, sometimes they can like a mother effer!


Shannon said...

Ohh, that sounds painful but Im glad its over! I agree with ditching tbe BBT during the 2 WW, even though its hard. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

I totally think you should ditch the BBT! ;-)

Something Simple Design said...

Ditch it! Keep your sanity :)

I am sooooooooooooo praying this is the one for you!

A/K said...

Good Luck!!!

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