Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And...I Just Almost Threw Up

So, I've been feeling pretty queasy for the past week, but it's been very manageable. Until now, out of nowhere, I got that overwhelming I-am-going-to-throw-up feeling that sent me running to the bathroom. I managed to fight it in a few seconds, but now I am shaking. I have my seabands on, my ginger tea brewing, and my contacts out (in case I get sick, at least I can whip off my glasses and not look at it). I still don't feel too hot. Ugh, I NEED to get over this phobia! How the hell am I going to function if this starts happening regularly?


kim said...

Sorry to say... but that is how it started for me. I was throwing up within a few days of feeling that way. :(

But hey, that's a good sign the babe is healthy!

Hang in there!

semperfiohana said...

and welcome to the world of morning sickness. when i was pregnant i'd be fine as long as i didn't smell food. but sometimes out of no where i would get that feeling in my mouth where it just starts to water. i knew i had to get my butt to the bathroom. it does pass. i don't remember how many weeks i was when i quit puking. i know i was thankful though. i hope the seabands work for you! they didn't do squat for me! suck on peppermints. i sucked on them constantly, but my throat felt like fire from puking, hopefully it doesn't get too bad for ya!

JLS said...

I'm so sorry!! I never actually got sick, but was terrible nauseated. Call your doc adn see if there is anything they recommend. There's an otc drug called Meclazine that you can get at the pharmacy that helped me. Hope it doesn't get any worse!

Larisa said...

I never really had nausea that badly - because I ate like a cow, constantly - but sucking on Jolly Ranchers helped me when it did hit.

Maeghan said...

Hang in there! I've been fighting it so far :) Actually, after a couple of days of totally holding back the extreme urge to run to the bathroom subsided. We knew the phobia would be bad during pregnancy!!

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