Monday, September 28, 2009

Morning Sickness

I have it. I've felt queasy on and off since before my BFP, but, the past 5 days have been worse. I feel like I am car sick most of the time. I also have food aversions - nothing ever sounds good, so I just choke something down on a regular basis. I did discover that a baked potato with sour cream goes down well, as does toast with peanut butter.

BTW, the whole term "morning sickness" is a bunch of BS. I actually feel my best in the morning and shittier as the day goes on.

I haven't thrown up yet, thankfully. I have actually impressed myself with how well I am handling it, considering my phobia. I just take deep breaths, try a morning sickness remedy and keep on doing whatever it is I am doing. Although, I must confess that I caved and took a phenegren the other night when I almost threw up.

Part of me likes the morning sickness because it lets me know things are probably going well, although, after half a day of it, I'm like "Okay, you've reminded me enough for today, thanks!" And I’m positive I will not like it if I start throwing up.

So far I've tried the following remedies: ginger tea, candied ginger, mints, gum, Morning Wellness tea, seabands, eating regularly, lemonade, Sour Patch Kids, Lemonheads, Preggie Pops, and B6. They all seem to help a bit, with the exception of the Morning Wellness tea - that stuff makes me gag :x But, I haven't found any miracle cure, yet.

A couple of other things:

I saw my BBT the other day and felt a rush of joy at the realization, that, after a year and a half of temping every morning, I do not have to use that anymore.

I went to Babies R Us the other day to buy the preggie pops and Morning Wellness tea, and I almost broke down crying went I looked at the infant clothing and realized that I could actually buy one of those adorable little onesies.

That’s all for now. I can’t wait to see how much our little one has grown at our u/s this week!


semperfiohana said...

i wish i had a magic cure for the sickness all i can say is normally it goes away. hopefully you won't get get sick sick.

shotzie said...

You've tried everything, haven't you? My m/s was very similar, I felt horrible but I never threw up. I had to eat constantly or I felt even worse.

Here's what worked for me: drinking tons of water, going to bed super early so I got lots of rest, eating a snack in the middle of the night when I got up to pee, eating constantly during the day.

I don't know if any of those things might help!

I hope your u/s goes great this week!

Anonymous said...

peppermint -works wonders.

mtendere said...

The sour stuff and eating regularly were the only things that helped me (along with some Zofran), and then only slightly. I hope you continue to not throw up. I also had to have my drinks really, really, cold. I'm not sure if that had to do with the morning sickness or was just a wierd pregnancy thing. Hang in there!

Maeghan said...

Ok, so I gave my steak and salad to Alan and had 3 baked potatos with sour cream the other night. :) Telling ya, you've got stuff that works, but for another remedy go to Rite Aid and get "Cola Syrup" it's just the syrup they use in cola, it's thick and syrupy and coats my throat and gets rid of the reflex right away. I use it when I'm in the process of getting sick and it stops it! Worth a try for you. Keep up the good fight!

Erin said...

That is sooo great Kristen! I know those little onsies are amazing!!

Okay, here is what I can offer. Many said to suck on lemons or drink lemonade. It does okay. I would stick with carbs. Literally, eating dry cereal was my savior for a while. Frosted Mini Wheats were always a good one for me. I would just eat them constantly and it would help absorb some of the bile.

Good luck, it does eventually go away and in 5 months, you will barely remember how horrible you felt everyday.

Lindsay said...

I hope you find something soon!! GL!

Shannon & Jon said...

What worked the best for me was Saltine crackers, red grapes, and chips and salsa (but ONLY the salsa from Berry Hill Baja Grill).

bbjoys said...

I'm sorry you're feeling icky. But I completely understand your phobia - I have it, too. I am terrified of throwing up.

If it makes you feel any better, I've been queasy, but I have not thrown up once this pregnancy (knock on wood), and I am 13 weeks today.

A lot of the things you mentioned help me a lot, like mints and sour candy (Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch Straws, Lemonheads, etc.).

I also wore the Sea Band to sleep for the first two months. I'm not sure if they really helped or not, or if it was more of a mental thing. But I felt better with them on (and still use them now and then when I feel a little queasy).

GL to you! Hope you never throw up either. :)

candi said...

Congrats on the pregnancy!! And sorry for the morning sickness, that sucks, hopefully it wont last long. I just found your blog and I too have cystic fibrosis and are currently 5 1/2 months pregnant... Its nice to see other cfers having babies.... Get ready for a great journey, every week gets more and more exciting!! Congrats again!!

Amy said...

Just so happy for you! When I was pregnant I pretty much felt sicker as the day went on too and went to bed around 5:30 every night. My "morning sickness" lasted until about 14 weeks.

Anyway, still keeping you in my prayers.

Rebecca said...

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