Monday, October 19, 2009


This weekend I got to do something I have been dying to do for weeks: Buy a new bra! My boobs have definitely grown. Taking off my bra is the most painful moment of the day. Every time I change my shirt, Greg looks at me and whispers, "You have giant huge boobs."

At first I went to Victoria's Secret because I had a coupon and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a bra I would only be wearing for a few months. The woman measured me and said I am a 34C. I told her I was surprised because I am normally a 32C, and I figured I had grown more than that. But, I trusted her. The bra she gave me was more comfortable than the one I was wearing, so I bought it.

The following day I wore my new bra and decided it was not very comfortable after all. The underwire would not stay against my rib cage, and the middle-front part of the bra would not tack down against my chest. So, I headed to my favorite place ever to buy a bra: Nordstrom. I love, love, love their customer service, but shopping there is definitely a splurge for me. The salesperson didn't just measure me over my shirt and tell me my size and walk away. She also looked at my new bra and identified what the issues where, and examined how some of their bras fit me. And, guess what? I am now a 34D! She found me the perfect bra that stays tacked down. So, I sucked it up and spent $60 on a bra I will probably only wear for a few months, but I decided the extra money is worth the comfort. And I only bought one, so I will be wearing the same bra every day for a while now :P

Now I have to start thinking about sports bras. I am trying to hold off on buying new ones, but boy are they getting snug!


Misha said...

Lol. My boobys got huge when I was preggers too. But if you think they're huge now just wait til your lil one is born and your milk comes in!

Shannon said...

Wearing a bra that actuall fits is worth all the money in the world. Hope the girls are more comfy now :)

agk11808 said...

lol love the story. i am currently 33 weeks along and trust me don't buy any underwire bras!! they feel fine for like a week then they are digging in everywhere poking out here... i just went and bought good supportive bras without underwires. my boobs havn't grown crazy like yours they have grown some but mostly just gotten a lot fuller and firmer.
Good luck with the bra dilema :)

Nikki1007 said...

::jealous:: I am still in my A's :(

Shannon and Jon said...

I had a really great experience at Petticoat Fair in case you are looking to drop some more dough. :)

Nicole said...

well I will not be going on the new bra journey with you anymore (we miscarried) I have experience in this department with #1. My boobs just 'took off' and I went from a borderline big B/small C depending on bra line to a D when pregnant to a EE/F when nursing--yes seriously.

Anyway here is my advice. After this one get a pregnancy bra that can 'grow' with you. Bravado is a canadian company and they have fabulous bras, if there is a lactation center around you they are the equivalent of nordstroms when pregnant/breastfeeding and is how I found out I was stuffing the 'girls' into a D when I should have been in F :-( they will let you try them on/fit you but if you dont have a place then you can order from their website and they have a GREAT return policy

For working out its so important to have support or you will be sorry later, its not just comfort you can do damage that will make for saggy boobs later sorry TMI but its true. So to a running shop is my advice but there are like 3-4 names for 'big bras' in sports Enell, CW-X (I have these) and a couple others I am seriously forgetting. Anyway its worth the research and investment.

Good luck

Amy said...

Having a comfortable bra makes a happy woman! You might end up wearing that bra again after the baby gets here...some women stay a little "breasty" forever after giving birth (much to their husband's liking).

Lindsay said...

Hahaha, love it!! That's something that is definitely worth the splurge.

Kristen said...


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