Sunday, October 18, 2009

Long Time No Blog

The past month has been crazy! Having CF and working full time means that my weekdays are crazy busy (I am working/workingout/commuting/getting ready from 6:30am to 9:00pm) and I really need my weekends to run errands, get stuff done around the house, and just relax on the couch. Add being pregnant and needing more sleep to the mix, and I have had zero free time during the week.

And, to top things off, Greg has to take the Professional Engineering exam next Friday, so he has been using every free moment to study. This means, instead of picking up some of my slack, he is doing even less than what he usually does, (such as cooking dinner – we’ve been eating pizza, canned soup, mac n’ cheese, and pasta). Needless to say, our house has been a clutter zone. Thank goodness we have cleaning people come every other week, or else there would probably be six inches of dust on everything.

Here have been our weekends since our BFP:

-Weekend of BFP (PG Week 3): In Houston for an Astros game and to visit friends

-Week 4: At Home

-Week 5: Visiting Friends in Pittsburg

-Week 6: At Home

-Week 7: BIL & SIL visiting for Austin City Limits Music Festival

-Week 8: In east Texas for a wedding

-Week 9 (This weekend): At Home

-Week 10: ILs in town to visit

So, by next week, it will have been two months since we've had two weekends in a row to get stuff done around here. It has been fun, but I am so ready for a break and some time to be able to do things like go out to dinner and watch a movie.

I think it is partially a blessing that my RE told me to take time off work to rest a few weeks ago, because, usually when our schedules get crazy like this, I get run down and sick. And when I get sick, it often leads to a lung exacerbation, which means needing antibiotics and risking permanent lung damage. Hence the reason I put such a high priority on sleep.

And this week, I have been catching up on sleep due to (mis)adventure we had last weekend. Here’s the story:

One of our friends was getting married at the remote resort in east Texas. He set aside a house on the resort for Greg and I, the couple we visited in Pittsburg (M&B), our closest Austin friends (S&C), my old roommate and her husband (H&S), the best man and his girlfriend, and two other people. Please note that we still had to pay for the house, (no complaints here, this is just semi-relevant to the story). We were really looking forward to spending the weekend with our friends.

Needless to say, I knew I might have trouble getting a ton of sleep. On Friday night, most of the people in the house stayed up until 2:00am drinking and playing cards. It was loud, but I had a room upstairs and my white noisemaker and earplugs, so I slept through most of it. And it ended at a reasonable hour.

Fast forward to Saturday night. The reception went until midnight. Greg, B (who is also PG), S, and I left a little early because we were tired and wanted to go to bed. Around 12:15, I went downstairs to get a drink, and a girl I’ve never seen before walked in and said, “The groom told everyone at the reception that the party is continuing here.” Fifteen minutes later, about 40 people showed up, and most of them were WASTED.

I was pretty ticked off. The groom didn’t even ask any of us if this was okay, and, considering we had paid for the house, I would have expected that courtesy. Five out of the 10 of the people staying there wanted to go to bed, and now it was so loud in the house that none of us could sleep. Around 3:00am, a sixth person staying in the house wanted to go to sleep. And still, none of us could sleep.

At 4:00am, M got up and asked people to please be quiet. The best man refused. M got pissed and decided to start doing homework in the living room, considering he wasn’t going to be sleeping.

At 5:30am, Greg went downstairs and asked everyone to be quiet. Again, the best man refused and told Greg, “NO! You guys were up loud until 2:00am last night. Fuck you if you think I am going to be quiet for you now!”

Greg, got PISSED, (and Greg does NOT get pissed easily), and said, “Look asshole! Turn off the goddamn radio and shut the fuck up or I am going to come over there and punch you in the fucking face!” At this, M joined in and started yelling at the guy.

FINALLY, my old roommate, (who, BTW, knew I was PG and had CF and about my need for sleep), turned the radio down and convinced everyone to go outside. Greg and I were able to go to sleep, and we slept for about three hours. However, M & B still couldn’t sleep because they were downstairs and people were being loud outside until 7:00am, so they didn’t sleep at all.

Needless to say, the following morning, you could cut the tension in the house with a knife. M, B, S, C, Greg, and I were giving the other people in the house the side-eye, and Greg kept saying, “I hope (the best man) gets up before we leave to so I can punch him!” (We left before he got up). Even now, if I mention the incident to Greg, he says, “If I see that guy again, I don’t know if I will be able to restrain myself from decking him.”

Oh, and to top things off, when I got up to pee around 8:00am, the door to our shared bath was locked. Two hours later, it was still locked, so I asked Greg & C if there was someone in the bathroom. They pounded on the door. No answer. So, they jimmied the lock and opened the door. And there, lying on the floor in a puddle of vomit with no pants on, was the girl staying the bedroom down the hall.

Greg called to the girl’s friends, “You guys need to get up here! There is a girl passed out in the bathroom.” The friends whined, “Do we have to?” and Greg said, “Yes. It’s not pretty.” So they came upstairs and there was a lot of gagging and near-vomiting from the smell, (which caused me, suffering from m/s & emetophobia, to sprint to my door and slam it shut). And there was laughing. So Greg yelled at them, “Yeah, it’s REALLY funny!”

Oh, and at some point in the morning, my old roommate said, "Some people were mad at 5:30am, and SOME of us were having FUN!"

So it took me all week to recover from that! We used to be those people who would stay up until dawn drinking, (although I never drank to the point of passing out). We used to do keg stands and beer bongs and way too many shots and yell and scream and run around. I used to call my friends who were married and close to having kids “boring” because they liked to be in bed before midnight. But we were 23, not 33. We’ve grown up. I guess it takes some people longer to do so :P

At least we have a story we will always reminisce about. “Remember that jackass Greg wanted to punch? Haha. What a jerk.”


Jessica said...

wow girl...I dunno how you do it! I would love to work full time but I just couldn't keep up.

You really higher a cleaning lady, jealous!

Maeghan said...

Ugh, I'm tired from reading about that fiasco! Here's to some quieter times ahead for you! Been wondering how you've been.

The Browns said...

Oh my gosh, I cant believe you went thru all that! Girl you need to make sure that you get some rest!! No matter how well we take care of ourselfs during pregnancy the Cf will come visit!! I just had to start another round of steriods! Get some rest, I worry about you and all that you do!

Miranda said...

I just stumbled upon your blog after googling "sinus and clomid" and wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences. It's pretty serentipitous, because I just found out through pre-conception testing that I have mild CF and I'm just starting my third cycle of clomid. For some reason no one mentioned IUI as an option to me, so I'm a little angry at wasting three cycles of clomid when the cervical mucus issue is probably going to get in the way. The OBGYN I had been seeing wanted me to do 3-4 cycles of clomid and then straight to IVF...and with no monitoring of me during the clomid. Have you heard of Estrogen helping with the CM? Did the clomid cause any sinus problems for you? Can you tell me what the "trigger" is in the IUI cycle? Thanks again!

Kristen said...

Hi Miranda. I would definitely give IUI a try before moving onto IVF, if you don’t have any reason other than CF for suspecting IF issues. I would also DEFINITELY go see an RE. My understanding is that many OBs don’t think that CF causes fertility issues in women (I even remember that’s what they said in a CF webcast about fertility about 8 months ago), and, truthfully, it seems like if affects some women and not others. I know several women on the CF forums who didn’t have much trouble getting pregnant, and others who needed IF treatment. (If you have seen this forum, it’s a great resource, they even have a pregnancy board:

I did not notice that clomid caused sinus problems, but, it makes sense that it could – clomid can dry up your CM, so I bet it could also dry up mucus in other parts of the body, which could cause sinus issues. (But, I always have some sinus issues going on. I just rinse twice a day to try to keep things at bay, but I still need antibiotics once in a while.)

I have not heard about estrogen helping with CM, but I have heard about mucinex helping. It didn’t help me, though.

Trigger is a shot of HCG. When you are about to ovulate, your body naturally produces a surge of LH that causes your follicle to release the egg. A shot of HCG will do the same thing. An RE will administer and HCG trigger to force you to ovulate within a 12 hour window, which allows for good timing of the IUI.

I hope this helps! Good luck to you, and please feel free to let me know if you have anymore questions!

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