Tuesday, January 19, 2010

22w4d High Risk OB Appointment

I made my second visit to the high risk OB yesterday. I love that we get to see the baby once a month! Everything looked good! She weighed 1lb 3 oz, which put her in the 47th percentile. The only thing the doctor noted was that my amniotic fluid was just outside of the normal range - she said normal is 5 to 20 (I can't remember the units) and I was a 21. Apparently too much amniotic fluid can be a sign of gestational diabetes, but she wasn't too concerned considering how close I was to normal. Plus, I am going to have another glucose tolerance test in a few weeks.

This ultrasound was very quick, and we didn't get any good pictures of the baby because she had her hands in front of her face the entire time.

I have a CF clinic visit on Thursday. I am very curious to see if my PFTs have changed. I definitely get short of breath more easily when I do things like exercise and climb stairs. But I still feel really good, lung-wise.

Sleep-wise is a whole other story. I need to set aside 9-1/2 hours for sleeping if I want to feel rested the next day, thanks to my aching hips, having to pee, and the kicking baby. And this can be hard to do when I am working full-time, trying to get in my exercise, and doing my treatments. I asked my OB if she thought "sleeping in so I don't get sick" was a justifiable reason for occasionally taking a few hours of FMLA. She said, "Absolutely!" Woot!

(BTW - RE: aching hips, using the memory foam topper and doing things like butterfly stretches and plie squats has been helping.)

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Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Good luck at the CF clinic! You're probaby feeling out of breath due to the extra weight. I couldn't climb a short flight of stairs without huffing and puffing when I was pregnant. I wish had some good advice for the sleep, but I slept like crap during my whole pregnancy, too. Nothing seemed to help me. It will all end soon enough and then you won't be getting any sleep for different reasons! :)

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