Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog

I’m sorry about the hiatus from blogging! Greg and I were away visiting family over Christmas, which meant limited computer access, and I have been sooo busy since we got back. But, lots of stuff has been happening in the pregnancy world.

The most exciting thing is that we can feel her kicking from the outside now! That just started happening a few days ago, and it is still sporadic, but Greg managed to feel her when she started going nuts at 3:00 AM the other night and I woke him up. He put his hand on my belly and said, “Yup! She just punched my hand!” I just love feeling her kick and can’t wait until we start recognizing body parts.

Now that we know we’re having a girl, we were able to start some shopping. We bought some bedding and I think we are going to start painting this weekend. We bought a this crib skirt and some dark pink sheets from Pottery Barn Kids, and we are planning to paint the walls light green. Greg’s grandmother is going to make a quilt.

I also started our registry, which is taking up a ton of my time because I am obsessed with researching each item. Greg said he wants to burn Baby Bargains because I always have my nose in it ;)

As far as how I am feeling, I am happy to say that I am still feeling really good. I’m still having some issues getting comfortable in bed because of my hips, despite buying a body pillow, and I’ve been waking more during the night, (thanks to her kicking and me having to pee). But, as long as I’m in bed by 10 and can sleep until 7, I usually feel really good all day.

I’m still working out, although my jogging pace has slowed to a 12 minute mile and I still have to stop and walk because my heart rate gets too high. I’m also doing the elliptical, bike, and stairmaster at the gym, and I do Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout twice a week. I have started noticing my that the skin on my belly gets these weird pulling sessions when I am working out, especially if I twist my body at all when doing cardio. It makes me terrified that I am going to see ten thousand stretch marks when I look at my belly, but, so far, there is nothing there.

Speaking of my belly – Holy cow it has been itchy! Sometimes I feel like I have poison ivy on my stomach. I was in a store the other day and didn’t even realize I was vigorously scratching until the salesperson laughed and said, “I remember those days!” I started using Earth Mama Angel Baby stretch oil, but I haven’t yet decided if it’s helping.

My only other pregnancy issues are continued heartburn and these shooting pains in my left hip that radiate down the side of my leg and make me limp for a few minutes. My pregnancy books tell me I’m experiencing sciatic nerve pain, but I’ll see what the doctor says.

I must say that I am feeling soooo lucky at this point to be feeling so well. I am knocking on all the wood I see. Before I got pregnant, I was so sure that pregnancy would really negatively impact my CF. Well, here I am at 21 weeks and it hasn’t had any impact at all (:::knocking on more wood:::). I haven’t even had a cold. Wait, I probably shouldn’t have said that, considering I am overdue for an exacerbation.

I also still always have my IF journey in the back of my mind, and I hope I always do. It makes dealing with all these pregnancy symptoms so much easier because I am so, so, soooo thankful for this pregnancy. Part of me is still terrified that something could go wrong, and I am DYING to make it to the age of viability. But I am an enjoying every moment more than anything. And I think Greg is, too. I can really tell that our experience has made him so happy to be where we are today - he loves hearing the weekly "fruit updates," (this week our baby is the size of a banana), and he really loves my belly and saying "my pregnant wife" - and this makes me everything so awesome.


Maeghan said...

Glad to hear the updates! Yeah, Alan hates Baby Bargains too :) It's our bible lol

Amy said...

I'm glad to hear everything is going so well! Lots of exciting things happening with the kicks and planning the nursery. Yay!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

So happy to hear the update and that it hasn't affected your CF thus far! I always read up on Baby Bargains and Consumer Reports before I bought any big purchases. If your heartburn gets really, really bad - try baking soda in water, that's what helped me when tums didn't work - tastes like shit, but works great! :)

Lindsay said...

Glad everything is going so well!

Shannon said...

Im glad everything is going good! I also drove Dan crazy with Baby Bargains but I felt SO good once I got my registry all done.

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