Friday, January 22, 2010

23w0d Clinic Visit

I had a CF clinic visit yesterday, and it went very well! I thought the CF team was going to throw a party over how much weight I've gained - 21 pounds at 23 weeks! I'm not so sure I'm as excited about that as they are, simply because the vain part of me is worried about gaining too much weight and then having a hard time losing it after the baby comes. But, it's not like I am pigging out on burgers and french fries. I really am just trying to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry - which is all.time.time! Especially on the days after I workout. So, hopefully my body just needs to gain a little more weight than the normal 25-35 pounds. Plus, I am trying to concentrate on being thankful that I'm not having a problem gaining weight!

My lung function looks great, and my last sputum culture showed only normal flora (whooohoo!). My CF doctor said he doesn't need to see me again until my regularly scheduled clinic visit, (which will be at 35 weeks), because he doesn't anticipate pregnancy having an affect on me. He did say that he would like me to call when I deliver so that he can come see me in the hospital.

It was a really fun appointment. Everyone kept telling me, "You look so cute!!" and, when I told the social worker that it was a girl, she went into the hall and told everyone ;)

On a non-PG note, I also asked my doctor for his thoughts on n-acetylcysteine (NAC) because I have been hearing so much about on the CF forums. He told me some stuff I already knew - that it was available in oral and inhaled formulations, and that studies have shown the inhaled version (Mucomyst) to be ineffective, but that the jury was still out on whether the oral version was helpful. I told him how everyone on the forums seems to rave about it, and he noted that, "30% of people will tell you that a sugar pill really helped them." But, he had no problem with me giving the oral version (fizzy NAC) a try when I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Some stats at 23 weeks:

Weight gain: 21 pounds
FEV1: 110% (down 5% from last visit and 2% from pre-pregnancy)


Lindsay said...

Glad its all going so well! 1 more week to V-day!

mtendere said...

I'm glad you're doing so well. I really enjoy following your story!

Shannon said...

Im glad everything is going good, this is great news!

I also read your post about your EDD below, wanted to give you a hug.

G said...

I'm glad everything is looking good!

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