Thursday, March 11, 2010

30w0d High Risk Appointment

I feel much better now. The visit with the high risk OB went well. Our little girl weighs 3lbs 6oz, which puts her in the 53 percentile. I told the doctor about the contractions, and she agreed with everything my regular OB had said. It was nice for the extra reassurance.

After that appointment, I headed downstairs to see my regular OB. She said she was glad I came in after having 14 contractions in two hours this morning. My cervix still look great. And now I am relaxing - I am done writing down the time of every contraction and will just make a note of it if they become more frequent or intense than what is normal for me.

I did freak out a little when I got home because I had a bunch of bleeding and passed a clot. I called my OB's office right away, and they said it was caused by the exam. And, 6 hours later, there is been no further bleeding.

So, tomorrow I am off to New England for my shower! I am so excited!


Lindsay said...

Have a great time this weekend!!

gringa78 said...

I'm so glad they put your mind at ease. that has to be very scary. Enjoy every second of your shower!! Let us know about all the cool things you get!! :)

Genevieve said...

I would love to talk to you! I'm 15 weeks pregnant w/ Atypical CF and Bronchiectasis. Wondering how much you struggled with your lungs while pregnant? I've been sick for 7 weeks spitting the junk up.

G said...

Have fun!

Katey said...

I'm glad the contractions have subsided and you feel much bettter. Hope you had a great shower!!!!

Nicole said...

I had an 'irritated uterus' starting at 21 weeks which we only knew because I also had a bleed sending me to the ER. After that, about 22 weeks I started having contractions and a few weeks later ended up on meds for them.

I contracted even with the meds, much like you are describing, all the way through. My high risk OB didnt think I would make it until thansgiviing and I ended up being induced a day overdue.

I dont plan to take the terbutaline if I am so fortunate as to get pregnant again. I know another one like myself and she did pregnancies with and without it and being on them never delayed her labor any at all.

One thing I would look into with the knowledge I have now is magnesium levels. Low magnesium which CF'ers are prone to due to a number of factors including antibiotic use is related to muscle contractions.

I would be very interested to know if you have low magnesium.

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