Monday, March 8, 2010

My Trip to Labor and Delivery

Today I made my first trip to L&D. It was completely unexpected, but I am soooo glad I went!

I had been having what felt like mild AF cramps on and off for most of my pregnancy, and I always assumed they were caused by my uterus stretching. Usually, they only last for a few minutes and then go away. But, today they were more persistent. I started noticing them after lunch, and spent most of the afternoon hemming and hawing about calling the doctor. I figured it was nothing, but it was still freaking me about enough that I really wanted it to stop. I finally decided just to call for piece of mind when I was leaving work. I felt silly when I was dialing the phone and figured they would say, "Yes, that is normal," and I would head to the gym. Much to my surprise, the nurse actually said, "Um, NO, that is not normal," and she sent me to labor and delivery.

I got to L&D and found out the sensations that I thought, (for over a month), were the baby pushing out against my belly were actually contractions, and I was having them 1-2 minutes apart! That freaked me out!

Luckily, my cervix was closed and I tested negative for some protein that, if present, would have meant I would likely go into labor in the next few weeks. And the contractions slowed down after a few hours. I did, however, test positive for BV, and they said that's what was causing the contractions. So, now I am on Flagyl.

Holy cow, I am glad I decided to call the doctor!


Shannon said...

Oh wow! Im glad you called and Im even more glad everything is ok!

Alicea said...

Scary! So glad everything turned out ok. At least you know what L&D is like for when the real thing happens. :)

shotzie said...

I'm glad you went in and that everything is okay!

gringa78 said...

I'm so glad everything's ok!! Good for you for listening to your gut...stay in there and keep cookin' little one!

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