Thursday, April 8, 2010

34w0d High Risk and Regular OB Appointments

I had both a high risk and regular OB visit today. Everything is still looking great. Baby Girl was still measuring right at average (53 percentile) and her weight estimate was 5lbs 6oz. (BTW, my OB said these estimates can be off by as much as 20% and get less accurate as you get further along, but the fact that we have consistently been in the 50% percentile gives them a good idea that we will be having an average-sized baby.) My weight and blood pressure look good. And, as of today, my OB will not stop things if I go into labor. Yikes!

It was a super fun u/s. Baby Girl had the hiccups and was kicking her feet a ton (the u/s tech said it looked liked she was dancing), and she even got mad and started flailing her fists when the u/s tech was poking her. The funniest part was when she kept trying to put her hand in her mouth - she would raise her hand up to her mouth and try to reach it with her tongue, which meant she kept sticking in tongue waaaaaay out, past her chin. The u/s tech and I were cracking up and decided she may be a contender to be next member of Kiss. The u/s tech also pointed out that she has a lot of hair.

We finally got some great 3D ultrasound pictures too! The past three visits she has had something in front of her face (her hands, the umbilical cord, or she has squished her face into the placenta), but today she wasn't shy.

Sticking Out Her Tongue

3D Image of the Tongue

I know a lot of people think 3D u/s pictures are creepy, but I just can't get over how cute she is :D


Alicea said...

So cute!! I bet you can't wait to meet her. :)

Jen said...

Those pictures are SOOO cute!! I love her little cheeks!

Lindsay said...

Sooo cute!

shotzie said...

Those are great images! What a cutie! Sounds like you've got a spunky one on your hands. :)

gringa78 said...

What a beautiful little girl you have!!!! I can't believe you have 40 days to go! Wow!!! How exciting!!

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