Thursday, April 15, 2010

35w0d Clinic Visit

Last Thursday's clinic visit went well. My FEVs have not changed, and my weight gain is more than enough - I don't think I need to gain anymore! My last sputum culture showed normal flora again, which I always like to hear.

Here are my stats at 35 weeks:

Weight gain: 35 pounds
FEV1: 115% (Up 5% from last visit and 3% from pre-pregnancy)

I also had my work shower on Thursday. Everyone in my office was super sweet! They made a ton of good food, decorated the conference room, and people wrote really sweet words of wisdom and hung them on a tree. We got a swing (awesome!) and some essential items like diapers and baby wash and clothes.

Now we really are in the home stretch! There is still so much to do before Baby Girl arrives. I know the world will not end if we do not get it all done, but I am anal like that and really want to have her nursery all set up, errands out of the way, thank you notes complete, and the house clean. I also have a ton of stuff to do at work before I leave, and I really don't think I am going to get it all done, which sucks because I know people are counting on me. Things are taking me longer than I anticipated (not because of pregnancy), and I have had less time to work because I'm so tired and have so many doctor's appointments. It also doesn't help that I got summoned to jury duty for next week :P I just keep telling myself, "Oh well, I am doing what I can," so I don't stress out about it.

And, to end this post, here is a picture from my work shower:


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The Popes in Africa said...

Congrats on the awesome clinic visit!
Ooooo, I love the tree! That was really nice of your coworkers.
I feel you on the "oh my gosh I have so much to do" feeling you get at the end. I would say try to relax but I'm not sure it is possible - my brain was on overdrive that last week! Good thing you are so organized to begin with and keep reminding yourself that the world does not just changes! xoxo

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