Friday, April 1, 2011

Sick Again!

It's just me this time, thankfully. I started feeling crappy last Wednesday and figured it was allergies. But, by Thursday night, I felt terrible - I kept waking up shivering and, when I took my temperature in the morning, it was 101.7. My CF nurse sent me to the RediClinic at the local grocery store to get a flu test. The test came back negative, but, because my symptoms all pointed towards the flu, the test results were only 80% accurate, and I had just rinsed my sinuses, the nurse practitioner at the clinic put me on Tamiflu.

I got my flu shot, but apparently there is a strain going around that the flu shot doesn't prevent. "Great, now Lily's going to get it," was all I could think. Despite the Tamiflu, I have kept getting worse until I had asthma-like wheezing that was keeping me up all night, so, on Tuesday I called my CF nurse to tell her I still had the fever and had respiratory symptoms. So, my CF doctor prescribed five days of prednisone and a Z-pak. I am on day three of these meds and am happy to say that the fever was gone yesterday. I still can't really breath out of my nose and am having a lot of wheezing, though. And I am coughing up green junk.

Thankfully, my mom just happened to be in town for 10 days and she was able to help while I spent most of my time laying on the couch! It was hard, though, because Lily is going through separation anxiety and kept looking at me and fussing. I felt really bad and kept getting up and playing with her on the floor. My mom was especially awesome because, each morning, she would take Lily after she nursed so I could sleep a few more hours.

Needless to say, we hadn't been out of the house in over a week. And, whatever I had, I must had given to Lily because yesterday she got a low fever of 99.9. I freaked and rushed her to the pediatrician because I was scared that she would get even more sick than I was. The doctor said that her only symptom was a red throat, and he said there was no way she had the flu. Today she seemed almost 100%.

So, whatever I have, it's not the flu and my guess is it caused a CF-lung infection because it barely affected Lily and no one else caught it. Hopefully I will be sleeping better soon because this wheezing thing blows. I've been doing albuterol every four hours and sometimes I'm dying for it by the time hour four comes around.

Oh, and in the midst of all this, my poor cat got really sick and I had to put him to sleep. He was my buddy for 13 years and I feel sick over it. I may write more about this later.

In fun news, Lily is advancing a bunch these days. She's getting closer to crawling, pulling to stand more often, and moving around more on her feet. Yesterday she was standing at her activity table with me sitting behind her, (as we always do so she doesn't fall on her noggin'), and she used my arm to turn herself around 180 degrees and gave me a hug. Awwww. Last week she started clapping, today she discovered how much fun it is to splash in the tub, and she is obsessed with reaching at things she finds interesting (her current fav is the 8x10 picture of herself ;). She's a little chatter box, too, which is fun. And she loves to swing outside - so much that, if you make a move toward the front door and then turn away, she will cry because she wants to go outside.

The downside of all this developmental stuff is that she has been sleeping less. She won't sleep past 5:45, and we're lucky to get two one hour naps out of her. Today it was two 40 minute naps. I'm ready to go back to the days of waking at 6:30 and 1.5 hour naps!

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