Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well, This Just Sucks

My culture came back and my suspisions were correct - I have pseudomonas aeruginosa (again). I haven't cultured it in three years, so that combined with the fact that it was present in a small amount has my doctor hopeful that we can eradicate it. I felt silly admitting this, but I was wondering if I might have it again because my phlegm had this weird sweet taste, which I've heard is typical for PA (from other CFers).

My doctor wants to be really aggressive. The last time I cultured PA for the first time was in 2002. I was seeing a different doctor and he put me on three months inhaled TOBI and oral Cipro. That didn't work, and I was on an inhaled antibiotic every other month until I got pregnant with Lillian. (Although I stopped culturing it in 2008. I'm not sure why I stopped culturing it, though.) So, my doctor wants to put my on IV Tobramycin and another antibiotic (that I didn't catch the name of). And he says I can't nurse while I'm on Tobramycin.

I am really upset about this. Lily doesn't take a bottle but will drink water out of a straw sippy, so we are going to give her formula in the sippy (I don't have a freezer stash because I stopped pumping when she wouldn't take a bottle). And I am going to rent a hospital grade pump so I can pump and dump. I am so afraid she is going to cry and think I am rejecting her! It breaks my heart. And I am also afraid that, after 10+ days off the breast, she will not take it anymore. I am not ready for her to wean! I love our snuggles so much.

I've had a huge lump in my throat ever since I got the news about the Tobramycin. This month can suck a big one. Not only have I been sick and my husband has been traveling a ton, I had to put my cat down, and now I'm morning the potential end of nursing :(


semperfiohana said...

is the other drug fortaz or better known as ceftazidime? that's normally my cocktail they choose for me. tobra and fortaz. and if i remember right fortaz is a cat b. sorry to hear you cultured it again! hopefully you can get rid of it! i don't have any advice on bf because my doc's told me not to because they were concerned with weight and health. i hope you feel better soon!

Serendipitie said...

Thinking of you

Karla said...

So sorry to hear that! Being put on something that isn't safe for breastfeeding has always been a huge fear of mine, and I'm sorry you have to face that. I'm sure Lily loves your breastfeeding relationship as much as you do, and that you will be able to rekindle that as soon as your off the ivs. If it makes you feel any better, a friend of mine had to go away for 2 weeks, leaving her nursing 7 month old. When she got back he picked up right where they left off, like she had never been gone!

claire said...

Just stopping by to say that you can do it! Also have you looked into goats milk formula? could be better than the canned stuff :) thats what I do for my son since my supply is so weak.

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