Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am so ready to…Ovulate!

My body seems to be struggling to do its thing this cycle. About nine days ago, things were proceeding along as they usually do – a few days of EWCM, a high cervix, a positive OPK. But bronchitis got in the way and my body decided it wasn’t quite ready to O. So I waited a few days and the process started over again – EWCM, a high cervix, and a positive OPK. Then another positive OPK, then another positive OPK…and then another positive OPK.

Right now I am on day 4 of positive OPKs. Some reading-up at told me that my body geared up to O a second time, failed to O (probably because of the head cold), and geared up again right away. So I had overlapping LH surges, which gave me four days in a row of positive OPKs.

I must admit this has been a little torturous. Not only do I have the confusion of the OPKs, my chart is horrible and isn’t telling me much of anything because my temps were elevated when I had bronchitis, and now I keep waking up at 5am for no reason, which means I have to temp two hours earlier than usual (and this messes up charting). Plus, I am sick of analyzing my toilet paper every time I use the bathroom and fingering myself multiple times a day in attempt to clarify things. (And, because I’m sure enquiring minds are dying to know, my CM has continued to be fertile and my cervix was still high, so all fertility signs point to no O yet.) I am actually looking forward to the two week wait this cycle!

I can’t imagine how crazy I would be going if I had a really long cycle. I know this is nothing; some people have 60+ day cycles.

It’s mostly the constant gearing and then not Oing, combined with the crappy chart, that is torturing me. I hate feeling like I have no idea what is going on. So I was pretty excited this evening when I checked my cervix and it was low for the first time in weeks – maybe I finally O’d!


AMG said...

I'm sorry you're so frustrated. I have to admit, though, that I seriously LOL'd at "fingering myself". I totally know what you mean. I'm terrified my H will walk in the bathroom while I'm digging for CM or checking CP! Sending O dust your way!

Cara said...

Hey there! I stumbled across your blog and I just want to thank you for putting all of your info out here for us to read! I'm a 26 year old CFer, recently married, and we are going to start trying to have a baby next year. Your blog is seriously a plethora of information for me! Best of luck to you!

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