Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Few Words About Toilet Paper

TTC involves many things I was clueless about before jumping on the baby-making bandwagon. One of these is the obsession with toilet paper. Once you decide to start charting, going to the bathroom is never the same again. I had no idea.

It comes in two phases. Phase 1 is the pre-ovulation phase, in which you stare at the TP in search of the elusive EWCM. And, if you think you see it, it sometimes hard to resist the urge to touch said TP just to see how stretchy the EWCM really is. And then you get a little grossed out by the fact that you just touched used toilet paper.

Phase 2 is the post-ovulation phase, which involves analyzing the TP looking for any sign of blood. In the middle of the 2WW, this can create lots of excitement (“could it be implantation bleeding?”) and fertility friend will increase this excitement by confirming that you do indeed have “possible implantation bleeding.” Later on the 2WW, any sign of blood is met with depression and frustration (“here comes AF again…another cycle is a bust”).

Actually, I think one of the blessings of AF (besides the excuse to drink heavily), is the break from TP analyzation ;)


Cristy and Caleb said...

I tagged you in my blog.

Erin said...

Awww Kristen, so well put. We were bumming out together, on our b-days saddened in AF torture!

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