Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cycle 5

AF arrived 11 days ago, and she hit me hard. I wasn't expecting it. I figured I would take it like each month prior: "Oh, well. Now we have more money to work on our house. Maybe next month." I mean, four cycles TTC isn't that long. It takes the average couple about six months to get PG, and a little bit longer for couples in their early 30s, (like us). But, for some reason, AF's arrival caused everything my doctors have said to hit me: We will likely have trouble TTC.

She came Thursday evening. I was okay. But I think part of me was hoping she would stop - after all, I was only 9 dpo and my luteal phase had never been that short. The next morning she was still there in full force. And then I realized we only had two more months to try before my doctor wants us to come see her for "help." That just didn't seem like enough time. I felt like we just started TTC. I got a huge lump in my throat and struggled not to cry at work.

I feel better now and have accepted things. Greg and I talked and he admitted that, in the beginning, he didn't believe we would have issues either, but now he understands we will probably need help. So, we started looking at our health insurance regarding coverage when it comes to infertility treatments. I also started doing some research. I asked the women on the CF message boards what our next step would likely be, and they agreed it would be Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). (You can see the thread here if you are interested). So, hopefully, all we will need is IUI to help Greg's boys get by my CM, and nature will do the rest :)

In the meantime, we still have a few months to give it our best shot!


Shannon said...

Im sorry that the start of this new cycle hit you hard (((Hugs)))

Im glad you are looking at your options though and hope that your TTC journey doesnt last too much longer!

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry that your AF came, but I hope that cycle 5 is your lucky one!

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