Wednesday, May 6, 2009


That's what I am. I need to work on the FYI posts. But, they are time-consuming because I want to do them right, and work has been so crazy lately that I've just wanted to chill when I get home. I promise, I will post them soon ;)

So, I'm 6 dpo and my phantom symptoms are in full-swing. My PMS symptoms always seem to peak aroud 7 dpo - extreme hunger, bloat, tiredness, and grouchiness. I had some weird cramping yesterday that is getting my hopes up, but I'm trying to ignore the phantom symptoms - because they have been exactly that, (phantom), every single cycle. Sigh. At least the 2WW is half over!


Amy said...

Crossing my fingers that they really aren't phantom symptoms at all!

Lindsay said...

1 week down, and 1 to go! I hope this is it for you ;-)

Shannon said...

Im glad I have someone to go through the 2WW with! I hope your phantom sypmtoms are not phantom at all:-)

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