Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awesome Gift!

Check out this onesie that I received from a fellow mom with CF. Her child wore it and she passed it on to me. (I'm not sure if she wants me to call her out on here). It made me all teary-eyed.


natalie8784 said...

adorable! At a CF walk last year my whole family wore buttons/pins that said "I wear purple because I love my wife/sister/daughter" I think you can get them from I still cannot get over that hair!

Alicea said...

Love it! And oh wow, she is BEAUTIFUL!!

The Browns said...

Omg i totally teared up seeing her in that outfit. Of course you can call me out :) It really just makes my heart smile to see that another person can actually look at their child and see them wear it for them. Its such and amazing miracle

suzannebrandsen said...

Hi Kristen,

I found your blog today while searching for other girls my age who have CF & blogs & just wanted to let you know your little girl is adorable! I also have CF (age 29) but don't have any kids.. Although I am generally healthy it's a scary thing for me. So thanks for the encouragement!


bbjoys said...

What a gorgeous little girl!

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