Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lillian Has Bronchiolitis :(

My poor peanut! She developed a runny nose on Friday, spiked a fever on Saturday, and started coughing on Monday. The cough had not gotten better, her breathing sounded a bit rattly, and she was super fussy today, (she would scream unless I held her and walked around in circles), so I took her to the doctor. He diagnosed her with mild bronchiolitis.

He said to give her Tylenol or Motrin if she seemed to be in pain, push the fluids, use a cool-mist humidifier, and elevate the head of her bed, all of which are things we've already been doing. He also said we could take her into the shower with us and give her some mucinex. And he sent her home with...albuterol and hypertonic saline! The exact same two drugs I take everyday. So, not only are we both on Zegerid, now we might both be on the same breathing treatments :P The doctor said she only needed them if she was having trouble sleeping.

I feel sick too, so this sucks all around! I started coughing up junk yesterday and am really tired and achy today, so we may be hiring a mother's helper for the next two days. I called my CF doctor and he said to wait until Friday, and, if I'm not feeling better by then, he wants to call in an antibiotic.

Here's to hoping for a healthy household soon!


natalie8784 said...

poor girl! The little one I nanny for (shes 6 mos) has had the same symptoms. They finally put her on ammox. yesterday. Also it stinks for you to be under the weather too. I personally have had enough of winter, and so have my sinuses. Second sinus infection (or maybe the first never went away) in 3 weeks, along with a bout of a nasty 24 hour stomach flu. Winter has worn out it's welcome. Hopefully all the tips the doc gave you work for Lillian, and you get better as well. It's no fun to take care of a little one when you can barely take care of yourself!

Alicea said...

Oh no, I hope you both feel better soon. Kyle will be starting the hypertonic saline this Spring, although, our CF clinic said not all insurances are covering it yet. We're hoping ours does, but if not he's still doing well with the regular saline/albuterol mix. :)

Kristen said...

Alicea, I really hope they cover it! Both insurance companies I've had since going on HS have covered it. I'd think they'd be crazy not to - in the grand scheme of medicine, it's really cheap (like $75 or something), especially considering how much it helps and may save $$ by reducing the need for other treatments!

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