Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Sickies

Yesterday Lily and I both went to the doctor. I was freaking out because Lily looked like she was having trouble breathing, and I knew I was having trouble breathing. I gave Lily her first Xopenex treatment, and she responded really well to it (which is great, but it also makes me nervous that she may have asthma). However, I still wanted to get her checked by the doctor, considering her lungs had been rattly for a week. And I needed to get checked myself because I had a ton of junk in my lungs and was feeling short of breath. I was also still running a fever.

So, I went to the CF doctor and Greg took Lily to the pediatrician. My O2 sats were fine (99%) and my PFTs looked normal, so my doctor said it looks like I just have a really bad cold (he did say that he could hear stuff in my lungs). He told me to keep taking albuterol and vesting every four hours and he said I could try some Muxinex and Afrin. He also wrote me a prescription for Prednisone that I could fill "if I felt I needed it." He said I should call him back if I don't get better in a week, or if my sputum production (there's some gross CF-lingo for you) changes.

Lily's pediatrician said that her breathing still sounded gunky but she was not in distress. She wrote Lily a prescription for Pulmicort and told Greg to call back in two days. She said that Lily might have to take an antibiotic or oral steroid if she's still gunky.

Luckily we both seem to be feeling a little better today - we both are still have gunky coughs, but I no longer feel feverish and Lily is in a better mood. Fingers crossed this goes away soon because we are both so ready to get back to our routine!


mtendere said...

I hope you both feel better really soon!

Anonymous said...

not sure if you know about it, but we use the nosefrida when our baby has colds and it keeps the stuff from getting in his lungs. feel better!

Karla said...

Hi Kristen. I hope you both are feeling better! I've never commented before, but I've enjoyed reading your blog. I have CF, and was pregnant with my second the same time you were pregnant with Lillian! He is 9 months now. Many things in your story have really hit home for me, as there is much that is simialr in our journeys to motherhood. I JUST started my blog, and haven't gotten very far into it yet. I'm glad to see you back on the web!

Katey said...

I hope you both feel better real soon...glad it's nothing too serious!

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