Saturday, February 5, 2011

And....Now I'm Really Sick

Ugh. My lungs are all rattly, I was up half the night coughing, my head is completely blocked up, my throat hurts, and I feel feverish, dizzy, and weak. I haven't been this sick in a long, long time (It's probably been 10 years). My CF doctor called in an antibiotic (Augmentin) yesterday, so hopefully it will kick-in soon. But, right now I am in no shape to take care of my little peanut and I don't have a crystal ball to tell me when I will be feeling better. So, we are flying my mother-in-law in to help out this week. It sucks that we have to spend the $$$ on a last minute flight, but I knew this was eventually going to happen. I am just so grateful to have an awesome, retired mother-in-law!

Lillian is still sick too. Her lungs still sounds a little rattly and she cut another bottom tooth - so the poor babe has been teething AND sick. So, it's all-around fun times in our household right now :P


mtendere said...

Oh no! Feel better soon!

Lindsay said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Erin said...

Uhh, that's horrible. I'm glad your MIL is coming to the rescue, you need help!

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