Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Hate Mold!

I feel like crap today, as I usually do when the mold count is high. My whole body aches, I have chills, and I am coughing up green gunk. I don’t know exactly why my body responds this way to mold (I don’t get the usual watery eyes and sneezing) – my theory is that it irritates my body enough for my ever-present pseudomonas to have a party. It’s worse than usual today, but I am trying to suck it up at work because I use way too much of my sick time and I only have 2 days right now. Time for some Advil….

I’ve been missing some treatments lately because I ordered all of my meds through a mail-order pharmacy (it’s less expensive this way). I placed the order over two weeks ago, and I still haven’t gotten all of my meds. I have run out of some meds at home, and my insurance won’t pay to have them refilled at Walgreen’s because they already paid for the mail order stuff. I haven’t had albuterol in over a week, I ran out of Advair two days ago, and I am a week late starting back up on Colistin. Grrrr…I guess this is my whining post for the week :P

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