Monday, May 19, 2008

Week 1 Off Birth Control

I just finished my first week off the birth control patch (actually, I have been off it for two weeks, but the first week was my standard "withdrawal week" that patch wearers do every cycle so they get their periods).

Here are my comments on the first week:

  • It's cycle day 12, and no signs of ovulation yet (CM or OPK-wise)
  • I am not good at taking my temperature at the same time each morning, which means my Fertility Friend chart has a lot of open circles
  • My boobs always ache a little bit
  • I am not bloated anymore (yay!)
  • I have more sex drive now (double yay!)
  • CF-wise, I haven't noticed a difference. I had one day with a fever of 100.4, I coughed up green phlegm about 5 times yesterday, and I still have my usual sinus headaches. However, with all that said, I feel great most of the time and don't cough much, but I've felt great since I started hypertonic saline a few months ago, so I don't attribute it to going off BCP.

I've added a link to the chart on the side, in case anyone is interested.

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