Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back From Glacier!

Greg and I just spent five days in Glacier National Park! Beautiful is not a strong enough word to describe it. If you ever get the opportunity, definitely take the time to visit! We hiked about 30 miles during our stay, so I got a great workout! We spent two nights in hotels and two nights camping. And yes, I did skip my treatments while I was there (blushing). Luckily I'm on an "off" cycle of Colistin and I took my albuterol inhaler, so I was only skipping hypertonic saline.

Here are some of my favorites of the 330 pictures we took:

On Top of the World at the End of Scenic Point Trail

Greg Hiking to the Sky

Amazing Reflection at St. Mary Lake

How Insane is That Reflection?

Who Turned the World Upside Down?

Huge Trees on Trail of the Cedars

Getting Wet at Virginia Falls

Dirty Hikers Eating a Hearty Breakfast

The Many Glacier Hotel - Where We Spent Our Final Night

There are Three Glaciers in this Photo, But They are Snow Covered


Sylvie said...

Dear Kristen,
Thank you for the beautiful pictures, it reminds me of the Alps where I live.
I am a friend of Nathan and Tricia.
Your Blog is really well written. Thank you for sharing your story...
I will pray for you health,
Much love,

Carolyn said...

Wow! The pictures are beautiful!! I also got your blog off Nate's blog. Thanks for sharing your story also!!Good luck with everything!

Laurie said...

I tripped upon your blog through Nathan's blog.I'm a 34 year old CF patient and we recently had a beautiful baby boy after 3 years of trying.I just wanted to encourage you.  Good luck!

Larisa said...

I love this park. Did you see any grizzlies?

miesl said...

I noticed your picture on the board - and immediately knew it was Glacier. I've been going there for 20+ years. Now I'm married to a CFer and I started taking him along 5 years ago. If you want tips on how to camp and do CF meds, let me know. J and I have even gone backpacking in Isle Royale (and done his treatments).

miesl_dru at yahoo dot com

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