Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Week 3 Off Birth Control

Week 3 has been all about waiting for AF to arrive so we can officially begin Cycle 1 of TTC! Here are my observations of Week 3, comparing them to my PMSing week while on BCP (AF should be visiting any day now):

  • I have been coughing up more mucus than normal. I have no idea what is up with that, and I don’t this it’s related to being off BCP, but it is a bit concerning. I feel fine, but I cough up a bunch of green gunk every morning, usually between the hours of 10 & noon.
  • I haven't experienced any acne, something I've heard many women just off BCP get while PMSing. This is a plus!
  • I had some very strong AF cramps last Friday (8 dpo). I did not get PMS cramps while on BCP. I was positive AF was going to arrive the next day and was worried that I may have a short Luteal Phase (LP). The LP is the time between ovulation and AF, and if it's too short, the egg doesn't have time to implant. However, the cramps went away the next day and haven't been back (yet).
  • My breasts are not as swollen and sore as they were when I was on the BCP. However, they are still a little sore.
  • I haven't had the same ravenous hunger, but I have still been pretty hungry, and it has lasted more days than it usually does.
  • (TMI warning) I usually get super "in the mood" while PMSing. Not so much this week :P
  • For most of the week, I was more tired than usual and had a very hard time doing cardio. I would get exhausted easily and have to take frequent breaks while working out. I did not have this problem today, though – I felt great on 7 hours sleep and worked out like a champ. Hmmm...now that I am typing this, I am slightly concerned that this may be related to the first bullet on the list...I must keep an eye on that.

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