Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What We Are Doing About Cervical Mucus

A few posts down, Carolyn was kind enough to comment that she knows women with CF who have taken guaifenesin (which is in Robitussin and Mucinex) to help thin their CM. I figured it was probably a good idea to mention what we are currently doing to deal with this issue.

My doctors said we will likely have trouble getting PG because of the thick sticky mucus, which is the primary reasons CFers get sick. This mucus is difficult for our cilia to sweep out of our lungs, so it ends up stuck there, growing bacteria and causing lung damage. It also clogs ducts in other major organs of many CFers, such as the pancreas, which is why most CFers must take pancreatic enzymes with food. (I am on of the lucky 15% of CFers who is pancreatic sufficient, which means I do not need these enzymes, and is a big reason I am so healthy.)

This problem with this thick, sticky mucus also includes cervical mucus. Sperm have a hard time swimming through it to reach the egg, and there is often a mucus plug at the opening of the cervix, creating a sperm barrier.

I am very surprised that none of the three doctors I have seen about getting PG (my CF doctor and two OB/GYNs) have mentioned any action we could take now to address CM issues. However, thanks to the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and The Nest message boards, I did learn about taking guaifenesin, which I was taking anyway for my CF. The book and message board also taught me about Pre-Seed, which is a lubricant that mimics fertile quality CM,and we are using that as well.

I've also heard that taking evening primrose oil and drinking green tea can help with CM issues. I am not trying either of those yet, but may in the future if we have trouble TTC (and yes, I will talk to my doctor before trying the evening primose oil).


Carolyn said...

I really like Dr Glomb also. Last time Branson was in for a tune up he was the doctor that week at the hospital. He is really great with kids and he knows a lot and helped me with a few recommendations. I like him a lot. :)

Lindsey said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful plan in place and I'm so excited for you.
I'm a huge advocate of the preseed as we used it last cycle and loved it!

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