Friday, July 25, 2008

My ENT Appointment

Three words about my ENT: He is hot. During my appointment, he kept saying, "you are always smiling!" and I thought to myself, "maybe that's because you are so dreamy."

Anywho, he performed a nasal endoscopy on me and said that my left sinus (the one that has been hurting) was swollen. He wanted to perform a CT scan to see what's going on, but told me I needed to wait until I knew for sure if I was PG. Which means I'm either going back when I get my period, or not going to get one at all. He said, "it would probably be fine if we did one now and you are pregnant, but I would feel really guilty if your child ended up having three arms." He also told me he knows I am going to have a boy :)

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