Monday, July 21, 2008

Something I Didn't Think About

When we decided to TTC, I knew there would be risks because 1) carry a baby is hard on a woman's body and 2) my medication options would be limited if I got sick.

Last week made me realize something I didn't think about: The face that #2 is true for the entire time we are TTC, because I could get pregnant at anytime.

Last week, my doctor told me to not even bother coming in for a sputum culture because there was only ONE antibiotic they could give me for my sinusitis. Being on that antibiotic made my thrush come back, and my options for thrush meds are limited as well.

Funny story about my thrush….I wrote a little while ago that I was going to ask my doctor for a prescription to wipe out my thrush and then I would prevent it with Biotene mouthwash. Well, I started using the Biotene right away, and it got rid of my thrush on its own! So I never did call my doctor for the prescription. On Saturday morning, I noticed it was back despite my continued use of Biotene. I did not want to wait until Monday to get a prescription, so I called Greg's brother, who happens to be a doctor.

I told him what was going on and he said he would call in a prescription for Diflucan. After I handed to phone back to Greg, I realized didn't ask him if it was safe to take Diflucan while TTC. So Greg asked and he said he would check and call back later.

I also happened to get a positive OPK on Saturday, so, a little while later, while Greg and I were cuddling, he called back and told Greg that Diflucan is a pregnancy class C drug, so it may be ok to take, but, if it were his wife, he wouldn't want her taking it. He wanted to know if I wanted Nystatin instead (this is a mouthwash that doesn't work quite as well as Diflucan). Greg said, "I'll ask her and call you back."

I told Greg I wanted the Nystatin, and Greg called his brother back right away and left a voicemail. Then Greg and I got busy ;) About two minutes later, his brother called Greg's cell. We ignored it. Then our landline rang. We ignored that too. Then he called the cell phone again. Then the landline again.

A little while later, I listened to his messages on our answering machine. They were something like this:

"Greg - where did you go? You JUST left me a message! Call me back.”

And then:

"Greg - ok, I've called you four times. Where are you? My guess is you either fell in a hole, don't want to talk to me, or Kristen is ovulating and you guys are humping right now." Of course, then Greg had to tell him "You guessed right!"

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