Sunday, July 6, 2008

Onto Cycle #2

Well I got a wonderful 4th of July present: AF arrived. Luckily, I wasn't upset because it means one more month that we can save some money and buy some things we'd like for the house. I think I'll have this attitude for at least the first few months. (Although, I will be over the moon if we get PG.)

A summary of my second cycle off BCP (our first TTC): This cycle I was more bloated than the previous one, and my skin broke out right before AF - that's something that never happened to me while on BCP. Hopefully, the skincare products I bought this weekend will take care of that ;)

In other news, I have thrush again :( I am not pleased about this! I just got rid of it two weeks ago, so I decided to go the alternative medicine route and picked up some Orithrush at the homeopathic pharmacy. I also started taking a probiotic. The Orithrush sort-of works, but not 100%. I think I am going to ask my doctor to call in another prescription for me, and then start rinsing with Biotene every time I use Advair. I read on the CF forums that Biotene works to prevent thrush, so hopefully that will do the trick!

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