Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sinuses = Blah

I suffer from on and off sinus headaches, and I notice they are worse when the mold count is high. However, the past few weeks they have gotten worse. The sinuses below my eyes hurt all the way into my teeth, and the drainage is killing my throat and keeping me up at night. In the past, whenever I have called my CF and/or ENT doc about this, they said, "Take Advil and Mucinex and rinse your sinuses" so that's what I have been doing. (Actually, I do that anyway when my sinuses are not as bad as they have been lately.) I finally caved yesterday and called the doctor when I woke up feeling like crap, had been dreaming that I had body aches, and I took my basal body temperature and it was 99.5.

My ENT can't see me until Wednesday, so my CF doctor decided to put me on an antibiotic now. The phone exchange was rather amusing because I communicate with my CF doc via the CF clinic coordinator, (I'll call her Jane). Here’s how it went:

Jane calls and says, "The doctor wants you to come in tomorrow to get a sputum culture so we can identify what meds will work. He also wants to call in a med for you now, but needs to know if you are pregnant" I explain to her that I am not, but I may be about to ovulate and we had sex two days ago, so even if I used a condom now, I could still become pregnant at any time. She tells me she will call me back.

A few minutes later my phone rings and she says "The doctor doesn’t want to take any risks and is going to prescribe you Bactrim" to which I respond "I am allergic to Bactrim" she then says "Oh, well then I will call you back again." The phone rings a third time "OK, we found a med we can call in for you, but you don't have to come in for a sputum culture anymore because it's our last option!" So now I am taking cefuroxime for two weeks. I’ve never taken this one before.

She also told me I should not be taking Advil (ibuprofen) while TTC, and I should take Tylenol (acetaminophen) instead. A quick Google search taught me that Advil can interfere with ovulation and implantation. Good to know!

And I must add that I am wondering if:

flying stresses + being sick + advil = not ovulating anytime soon

Oh well. We will be shagging tonight anyway ;)

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