Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clinic Visit Today

I had a CF clinic visit today. I have a new CF doctor, (because my previous one took a new job), and I like him. For a moment, he mentioned putting me on Pulmozyme, and, in my head, I started to cry, "Nooooooooo!!!! I don't have time for another nebulized med!!", but then he decided I have enough going on in my life, with TTC and all. Phew!!

Here's a brief run-down of my visit:
  • FEV1 = 112%!
  • I don't have to go back on Advair, considering it gave me the almost-invincible thrush and my lung function still looks good.
  • My CF doctor said he has cared for other pregnant CFers, and he said some got pregnant on their own, and others needed fertility treatments.
  • Once I am pregnant, I will keep going to CF clinic every three months like I already do now - no need to increase the frequency of visits as long as I stay healthy.
  • He made a comment that makes me wonder if I might stop Colistin in the future - when asking about my meds, he said " haven't cultured pseudomonas in a year and a half...." Fingers crossed that my cultures continue to stay clear and I can go off it!!!! I think I would throw a party! (For those new to my blog, Colistin takes 15-20 minutes to nebulize, and I have to do it twice a day every other month.)
  • I weigh more than I ever have in my life, thanks to my excessive wine and soft cheese consumption since starting TTC (you know, the whole "I might not be able to do this again for a while!" attitude).
That's all for now!


Carolyn said...

Awesome! Is your new doctor Dr Fullmer? That is who we go to and love him! I heard about your Dr leaving and I was really sad. We had him a couple times when we were in the hospital and really liked him a lot! He was so good with kids! I was surprised that he left but understood when I heard what he was leaving to do.

Kristen said...

I do see Dr. Fullmer. I was very sad to see Dr. Glomb go too - he was great, but I was happy for him that he found a job where he can spend more time with his family.

Dr. Fullmer seems great too - Dr. Glomb had suggested I switch to him anyway because Dr. Fullmer has more experience with adults.

Carolyn said...

Glad to hear you like Dr Fullmer! Also glad to hear all went well with your procedure!! That is great that all is clear! Yay!

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